The First Two Months of School and… What the Heck Happened?

By Abby Boyle

Ok, so first quarter is over, but what the heck happened in Branford High School in September and October? Every student knows that there has been some major events at Branford High to break up the routine of our everyday lives. And even though we all know the behavior at Branford High can showcase some of the worst in is, there is still plenty of good to be proud of.

The First month

It’s September and we all were dreading coming back to school because, well, it’s school. But we all sucked it up and end up coming back. And we all soon started getting used to our teachers and started to get into the flow of a new year.

Fall sports, and clubs started and it finally started to feel like school again. But when it really started to feel like Branford High was when the first fight/fights occurred. And particularly this year there were fights that happened one after another and seemed to gather more attention than anything else. From the fight in the A-wing to the multiply ones in the cafeteria, and all the other fights that seem to happen, we were all talking about them (because we are teenagers and people broadcast everything).

Yet, after the fights finally cooled down, the topic soon dwindled down and we all kept going through the motions of school.

The Hurricanes

And while we were living or normal lives as teenagers in high school, America was getting hit hard by two major hurricanes that devastated many areas including Florida, Texas and Puerto Rico. That’s when Branford High did something very inspiring – students started to help.

Clubs, and sports all wanted to give back and give help to the victims of hurricane Harvey and Irma. And the way the whole community of Branford helped out was truly inspiring to see.

Student Council, in particular, did a fundraiser where the study body could pay to vote on which teacher they would like to pie in the face. Teachers nominated were, Dr. Chen, Mr. Hinrichs, Ms. Loesche, and Mr. Watts. And with that array of teachers, everyone wanted to donate. The way that we all got involved in donating to the victims was something I personally thought that Branford High could not accomplish. But it was a very pleasing shock to see how Branford students wanted to give back. In the end, the Student Council raised over 100 dollars just in change given by students.

And from that September was soon over and then we entered October.

The Second Month

It was officially Halloween season, but that also means quarter one ending on October 25(yikes). Which means more teachers trying to give in last minute tests, and students freaking out about their grades and begging the teacher for extra credit. It was crunch time in every class, and everyone stressed out to the max(aka me).Then someone how the beginning of October just flew by , and I saw my deadlines getting closer and closer and somehow October 25 came and the world didn’t end.

Everything was ok.

The Bomb Threat

But then it was October 26 and it was technically the “first day” of second quarter and just like out of nowhere, there was a bomb threat. It came as a shock in period 3 when Mr. Panagoulias came on the loudspeaker and told us all to remain silent, walk single file down to the football field, and to NOT go to our lockers.

We all knew nothing about the situation but we could tell that it was not a drill. You heard people saying through the halls a lot of unfounded theories – “It’s a shooter” “There was a bomb at East Haven” “He has a gun to his head.”

But mostly kids were saying “Lol, who cares at least we get to leave this hell hole.”

Then in a matter of 5 minutes the whole school was on the football field and scrambling around asking friends and teachers about what is going on. Soon after, Mr. Panagoulias came back on the loudspeaker and said: “Branford High has got a call from someone saying that they will bomb the school. So as a matter of precautions, we need to evacuate the building, and head to Walsh.”  Cue the screams of joy from the entire student body.

And even though everyone was soo excited to leave school, the fact that someone threatened to bomb our school is an extremely terrifying thought. A situation like this has never happened to Branford High, and even though most bomb threats are a “joke” it still doesn’t mean that this one could have been serious.

In the world we are living in today you don’t joke about situations like this, and no matter what your view is on the situation everyone knows that we live in a scary world, with terrible people in it. And even though everything ended up ok, no one knew what was going to happen in the moment.

So not matter if you thought the situation was scary, or a complete joke I’m sure many students will not forget this memory.

But the building was searched and we got the OK from the police that we could re-enter the building.

Finally Halloween

On October 27 we all had to come back to school and live our regular lives and somehow keep moving on. Which we did. Sports teams still met, teachers still gave out test, and we all had to keep going.

Then on October 30 we all woke up to no school due to a wind storm that hit the East Coast the night before. It was a bittersweet feeling for most because we get a freebie from school, but we now are getting out on June 1st instead of May 31. As of now.

But again Branford High had to keep going on the next day. It was Halloween and we didn’t let anything from keeping us from dressing up. And this year’s array of costumes were pretty interesting. We even got one sophomore dress up in a full T-Rex outfit. So that’s a win for Branford High right there.

And Halloween was a very interesting day at Branford High, we had an array of costumes, teachers giving out candy, and…. another fight.


But that’s just Branford High, we have our ups, but we also have our downs. And just think that all of what was talked about was just in the first two months. Just think what is going to happen in the next two months, or the rest of the year.

Let’s hope that we have more ups than downs for the rest of the year.


I Saw the Sign: September Tarotscopes

By Sarah Marsland

I know what you’re thinking. What the heck is a tarotscope?

BHS, allow me to introduce you to the exciting (and kind of insane) world of tarot cards. Over the summer, while procrastinating on my AP work, I happened to pick up a deck of these so-called “magic” cards to see for myself if there was anything to them. I’d been watching tarot readings on YouTube for about a year and wanted to try it out myself. What I didn’t know, though, is how complex tarot really is – and how much it is related to astrology. So I decided that if I was going to do this, I was going to do it right. I bought a notebook and for the rest of the summer, I taught myself the meanings of the cards, the relationships between the deck and the astrological signs, and tested it out on my family and friends.

I’ve learned a lot from tarot over the past couple months, but the main thing I’ve noticed is that it works best when met with an open mind on both sides. There is something about the cards that demands faith from both the reader and the querent, or the person receiving the reading. The best readings I’ve done have been with people who trust me and the cards. This does not always mean that the reading completely resonates, but a lot of times, the most accurate readings happen when people come in with an open mind.

So, with that said, scroll down and find out what’s going on for your sign this month at Branford High School!


Cards: The Hermit, Death, Eight of Cups, Queen of Coins, The High Priestess, Two of Wands

You are on a journey, Aries. I think a lot of you have already started to shine that light into the darkness of your subconscious, your dreams, your deepest fears and desires. There is a deep need to know this month. There may be a Virgo woman in your life who has taken on a sort of role model status, who is guiding you through this process of self-reflection. She is someone with integrity, and a great sense of self-worth and accomplishment – someone who inspires you.

Don’t be alarmed about the Death card – it doesn’t mean you’re going to die! In fact, the Death card is actually a great card to get in a reading. It indicates a big transformation happening in your life. For you, I feel as though it is a caterpillar-cocoon-butterfly situation. There is a ghost of someone or something which has spurred this transformation. Did you recently go through a break up or loss that caused you to question what you know about yourself? If so, this is a sign that something good is coming out of that loss.

There is something you are walking away from. Ask yourself: are you walking away or trying to escape? Are you leaving something behind because it no longer serves you, or because you’re afraid of what it means? There are full cups behind you – are they full of potential, or full of baggage? Sometimes we escape by returning. Are you avoiding self-reflection by going back to old habits or people from your past? Don’t loop, Aries. Be wise. After this period of inwardness is over, you will emerge feeling powerful. Toward the end of September there will be a new spark of passion or creativity. You will also have a choice to make: will you take what you’ve learned and apply it, or revert back to your old ways? Once you’ve emerged from the cocoon, don’t be afraid to take a risk. It will end in your favor.

Bottom of the deck: Knight of Cups. The person spurring this transformation could be a water sign (Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio).


Cards: The Chariot, Queen of Swords Reversed, The World, Five of Cups, Five of Coins Reversed, Two of Wands

You started the month off with a victory, Taurus. A reigning in of possibilities and potential. You have options, but you know what you want. You are taking on the role of the leader or protector. With the Cancerian energy of The Chariot, you may be taking people under your wing and providing support because you now have the inner stability to do so. Alternatively, there could be a Cancer entering your life who will be a source of support or guidance, or who will help you grow into this next phase.

However, there is some pessimism here. You may be feeling a bit cynical, as if it is impossible that things could really work out for you. Taureans have a tendency to do this, as they are grounded and reasonable by nature. However, there is no need to worry. Good things are right under your nose – or around the corner, if you let them unfold. Don’t sulk – people can feel when your energy is negative, and moping could detract from your enhanced magnetism this month, especially if you’re looking for a relationship.

You’ve got to be careful not to let this newfound power go to your head. You are in danger this month of being perceived as bossy, intimidating, or cold-hearted. Your Cancerian desire to protect people might be interpreted as controlling or overreactive. Take some time to relax and try to veer away from that pessimistic, cynical side of yourself. You are at your best when you’re positive and not dwelling on what could/already did go wrong. In terms of work and money, the worst is over! Maybe you’re starting a new job or have found a new purpose. You’re regaining your confidence, and are ascending to a place of spiritual enlightenment. You’ve recently gone through a transformation that made you reassess your life, and now you are extremely grounded in your power as an earth sign. Use this power and good luck energy to make the world around you better.

Bottom of the deck: The Star. This is an overwhelming sense of healing and hope. Perhaps there is an Aquarius close to your heart this month.


Cards: Nine of Swords Reversed, Ace of Swords, Four of Wands, The Emperor Reversed, Five of Swords, Six of Swords

You’ve been worrying about something, Gemini. Something is gnawing at you and taking up a lot of space in your thoughts. You might be having sleepless nights or bad dreams, and you could be stressed about work or the future – how are you going to get where you want to go? You’ve put a lot of expectations on yourself to succeed. These worries could also be related to an authority figure in your life. Although not necessarily a man, this person has masculine qualities, and is somewhat dominant and controlling. You may see them as an obstacle. Look for an Aries who has plans and big ideas of their own – there might be a clashing of egos going on there.

Intellectually, you are bursting at the seams. You’ve got so many ideas and not enough time to work on all of them. You feel invigorated and ambitious. Perhaps you’ve met someone who challenges or stimulates you intellectually, and is a match for your wits. Don’t be afraid to loosen up a bit. You don’t always have to live in your head, and collaborating with others could be a way to resolve the tension/conflict of the Five of Swords, which denotes a power struggle. You may be feeling defensive or isolated. Remember that you do not have to juggle everything on your own, although you are skilled at doing so.

There may be celebrations coming up with friends or with family. Take advantage of these times to get out of your head and have fun. At the end of September, you will find yourself moving away from something that no longer serves you. It could have to do with pride, or irreconcilable differences with a boss/friend/significant other. Maybe you feel like your potential isn’t being put to work as much as it could be. You’re ready for another challenge. Just make sure that before you leave, you make peace with those who your decision affects.

Bottom of the deck: The Hanged Man. You may feel as though your hands are tied, and that something is boxing you in. Don’t panic. Sit in this state of suspension for a while. Let the tension work to hold you in the air, rather than letting it build up inside you. You might learn something from letting go.


Cards: Nine of Cups Reversed, Death Reversed, Eight of Wands, Four of Coins, The Hermit, Four of Cups, Ten of Swords, Seven of Swords, Four of Wands

You’ve got a full plate this month, Cancer. Nine cards came out for you, with three Major Arcana and all four elements represented. You started the month off dissatisfied, perhaps a bit heartbroken. There is something in your past which you put a lot of work into but which did not ultimately work out, and now with the Death card in reverse, you aren’t able to move past it. The urgency of the situation is emphasized by the Eight of Wands – there is something important beginning in your life, but if you are still hanging onto the past, this opportunity will whiz by you faster than you can catch up to it. There may be positive messages coming in from a fire sign (Aries, Leo, Sag) at the beginning of the month.

There is definitely a theme of missed opportunities here. There is something waiting for you, begging to be seized, but which, for reasons of self-doubt, you do not take. What is that? The Hermit is the card of the Virgo. During this Virgo season, take some of that hardworking energy and swim, even if it’s against the tide, toward what you want. Otherwise you will be left like the Four of Cups, indulging your sorrows away and failing to see what is right in front of you – or what once was.

The Ten of Swords signals a rejuvenation of some sort. Perhaps the pain of losing that opportunity will propel you to steal back what’s rightfully yours. The Seven of Swords is the thief card. I see this as you finally taking charge: sending that text, making that move, taking that risk. Similarly to the other signs, you are set to receive a healthy dose of fire at the end of the month. For you, this will take the form of a celebration – perhaps of the achievement which resulted from that risk. Get out of your head and move, Cancer. The world can’t wait for you to act.

Bottom of the deck: The Magician. This message reads loud and clear: you’ve got all the elements at your disposal – don’t just stand there, do something!


Cards: Seven of Wands Reversed, Eight of Swords, Queen of Wands, Ten of Wands, Nine of Coins, The Emperor

With the Queen of Coins Reversed at the bottom of the deck, the main issue this month is one of self-worth. As Leos, you are notorious for your egos, but internally you can actually be the most sensitive of the signs, and small criticisms can really get to you. You may have started this month with the feeling that everyone is against you, or that you are disliked. Normally, you might feel defensive and fight back against these perceived criticisms. But for whatever reason, this month you have given up that fight. Perhaps the sun moving out of your sign and into Virgo has made you more self-critical and prone to perfectionism. However, it is important to remember that the whole world is not, in fact, against you. The Eight of Swords is self-imposed slavery – you are the only person in your way. There may also be issues with money this month. Toward the middle of the month you may find that a fellow fire sign (Aries, Leo, Sag) will encourage you to have more faith in yourself. Who do you know who is confident, ambitious, and bold? Look to them for inspiration.

This problem of self-worth is heavy, and it may be a burden you are used to carrying alone. This can be a very lonely battle. Reach out to loved ones for support. Rebuilding confidence after a hurtful situation can be hard work, but it is worth it. With the Nine of Coins, this insecurity could stem from loneliness, or feeling like you are unwanted by those who you love, especially in a romantic way. The way to regain this confidence is to define yourself not by your relationships to others, but by your relationship with yourself. The Nine of Coins is a person who is single, independent, happy, and free. She is focusing on her money (which by the end of the month will be flowing in), and that which she’s passionate about. By being confident on her own, she then attracts others who respect and admire her, and who match that power she holds. Toward the end of the month you may form a close relationship with an Aries.

The Queen of Coins Reversed could also denote an overarching conflict with an earth sign woman (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn). Perhaps this person is the reason for your feelings of self-doubt. Reconciling this issue could be helpful in solving your problems.


Cards: Ten of Coins, The Lovers, The High Priestess, Six of Swords, Page of Swords, The Hermit

Virgo, I want to start this reading by saying this: don’t worry. You’re in a good place, and you don’t need to stress yourself out. You’ve done a great job of preparing yourself, and it’s going to pay off really soon, most likely in terms of money and grades. This month, it would be awesome to see you guys take that internal security as a green light to explore, and get out of the little burrow you’ve worked yourself into. I feel that you’re starting off the month from a place of stability in terms of love, as well. Either you’re in a committed relationship, or just very balanced within yourself. The nuances of love and self-love aren’t really on your mind at the beginning of September. But as the month progresses, you’re going to be called to question those ideas and your relationship to them. With the High Priestess card, you’ll be going into unknown spiritual territory. You may have been so focused recently on physical reality that when this spiritual questioning arrives, it feels very foreign. That High Priestess part of yourself might even seem like a stranger. Don’t be afraid. Embrace the uncertainty.

This is a very linear spread of cards, and it reads like a story. You start as the card at the bottom of the deck, The Fool, blissfully unaware or oblivious of some aspect of your life. Until now you have not had to question much. You might be the kind of person for whom relationships come easy and without much thought. But for whatever reason this month, you are finally having to ask yourself the big questions: who am I and what do I really want? This process of questioning will eventually lead to you walking away from a relationship, job, or general mindset which has stayed the same for quite a while. It’s scary, but you know in your gut that it’s the right choice, and you’re realizing the immense power you have within you. If it’s a relationship you’re leaving, it might be with a Gemini. After this transition, you’re going to have a new sense of identity – it is no coincidence that the last card in the spread is the Virgo card. There will be a sense of clarity, and you will be able to shine a light onto the events of the past few years, seeing them for what they really were. This month is all about perspective, and although there will be struggles, I think overall you’re going to enjoy this time of self-discovery.


Cards: Judgment Reversed, Five of Cups, Ace of Cups Reversed, Ten of Wands, Six of Cups, Page of Swords

Libra, I have this image of you running. Not beginning to run, not finishing the race, but running. There is a sense of infinity here, and a lack of finality. Something is dragging on so long that it feels as though it will never be over. I get the feeling this conflict has something to do with your home life, but it could be anything – mental health, a rough patch in a relationship, even writers’ block. Whatever it is, you are very much in the middle of it. You’ve been running for so long that you’ve reached this sort of meditative state, where the past and the future are contained in the present. What do I mean by that? This month, you may find yourself daydreaming of the past, or of simpler times, to get through whatever problem you are facing. Or, you could be prone to imagining the future as a way to “escape” your present circumstances. Just as the body has strategies of self-preservation during a workout, like breaking down sugars and pumping blood faster, your soul is trying in various ways to cope – and one way we cope with pain is by putting our mind someplace else. I feel like a lot of you are doing this at the moment.

So, let’s talk about all these cups. You are an air sign, represented in tarot by the suit of swords. I interpret the presence of cups in this reading as a sign that you are trying with all your might to be compassionate, but it is just not yielding the results you need. You are trying to be softer, to be understanding, but in the end all it’s doing is draining you. And you’ve only got so many cups of that energy left to give. You may also be dealing with a water sign (Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio), and trying to communicate with them in a way you think they’ll understand, but which feels foreign to you. It’s like trying to write a novel in a language you don’t speak. The Ten of Wands is a brief experiment in fire. Perhaps during the middle of the month you will act violently or aggressively out of desperation and then immediately regret it. This tendency to try on different identities this month could stem from a yearning to be accepted by your peers. As a Libra, you are impartial and objective by nature, and when friends or family are experiencing a perceived injustice, it can be annoying for someone to insist on “seeing both sides.” But by the end of the month, you will realize that it is no use trying to be something you’re not in order to please others. Your power is your ability to see both sides, and it is a renewable, inherent source of energy that will allow you to get to the finish line of this seemingly endless journey.

Bottom of the deck: Ace of Swords


Cards: Nine of Wands, Five of Wands, King of Cups Reversed, The Fool, Four of Cups, Seven of Wands Reversed

Scorpio, you are in fighting mode. September starts with you in a war, maybe against a fire sign (Aries, Leo, Sag), for territory or attention. I feel as though you both want to prove that you’re in the right and the other’s in the wrong. You’ve got secrecy on your side, and the other person is constantly confused as to what you’ll do next. But I think you might’ve overestimated your opponent. Toward the middle of the month, don’t be surprised if they drop out of the race. If this was a conflict in the context of a romantic relationship, you might have scared this person away. Perhaps you thought they were just as intense as you, but once you got together you realized they were more bark than bite. So they flee, and you’re left feeling like you overstepped some kind of line, a feeling that I think you guys are very familiar with. Lorde’s a Scorpio; she said it the best: it’s feeling like you’re too much, like you make people “wild” and then make them leave you. And this whole situation is just sending you into a spiral of emotions. I think there’s a lot of brooding going on, mulling over decisions you’ve made, feeling angry, confused, sad. There’s definitely a feeling like you ruined an opportunity. You’re withdrawn. You’re not looking at what could be, but instead at what could have been. And then there’s the Seven of Wands, which is just so pessimistic. Giving up. Don’t do that!

The bottom of the deck is the Ten of Wands. This fits so seamlessly with that feeling of being a liability: you feel as though you just have so much baggage and you’re tired of carrying it all by yourself, but giving it to someone else hasn’t worked either. But there is a light. There is something good amid all this darkness. You’ve got so much fire this month, and I almost feel like the cards are telling you to burn that baggage. Write down all the things that hurt and throw them into a fire or something. Be done with it. End with a bang. And let the light that those things make show you where to go next.


Cards: The Sun, Page of Coins, Ace of Coins Reversed, The High Priestess Reversed, Ace of Cups, Justice

Alright, Sagittarius, so things are going well. It’s such a blessing to start off a reading with any major arcana, let alone the Sun. I love this energy, the playfulness of it, and I know you love it too, because of how much you crave freedom. You’ve been exploring a lot recently, whether that’s through travel or just learning new things, reading, etc. And that’s great! But I feel as though something is a little bit off. There are issues you might be overlooking. While you’ve been off on this exploration, things have been shifting, and I think there’s going to be a rude awakening when you come back to reality.

The High Priestess in reverse tells me that someone in your life who you respect might be raising an eyebrow at your behavior and perceiving you as a bit childish. You guys love truth and wisdom, and you’ll go to great lengths to get it. But I think there might be too much of an emphasis on big ideas and not enough on details right now. Sometimes the truth is more subtle, and finding it is not always an adventure. Sometimes it’s slowing down and being calm and observant which helps you find what you’re looking for. Maybe you’re in a class, or a job, that feels too easy for you. You’re kind of looking at the material or the work and thinking, “why am I even here?” You feel like you’re being put back in square one when, on the inside, you’re way ahead of the crowd. This could apply to love, as well. Perhaps you’re in a relationship that feels too easy or “safe,” because you’ve become used to a sort of reckless, passionate idea of love, and you feel as though you’ve “seen it all.” If that’s the case, I’ll tell you something a wise person once told me: “Oftentimes a great relationship happens when two people don’t need each other. They just enjoy each other’s company.” This softer, easier side of love might seem elementary to you, but there actually could be quite a lot to learn. There is a process of humbling here, of realizing nuance, and it could very well involve a Libra.

Bottom of the deck: Knight of Cups Reversed. Be careful that you’re not being manipulative, Sagittarius. This goes along with your need for adventure. I get the feeling you might be making problems for yourself in order to legitimize your relationships as “real.” But in doing this, you could be hurting the other people involved.


Cards: The Tower Reversed, Page of Coins Reversed, The Sun, The Fool, Queen of Swords, The Hermit

Capricorns, I love you guys. You’re scared, and so am I, since I’m a Capricorn moon. I’m in this with you. We shudder at instability and vulnerability. We shield ourselves, we self-deprecate before anyone else can even think of a way to make fun of us, we build walls – anything to outsmart the enemy. But these cards have got me thinking…who even is the enemy? I think we’ve spent so long protecting ourselves that many of us have forgotten from what. Sure, we might have examples of people who have betrayed us in the past, but are those people really the enemies? They can’t hurt us anymore. What apocalypse are we so desperately planning for?

The answer is: there isn’t one. At least not outside of our own heads. The Page of Coins is a sign that life is changing, whether we want it to or not – we are growing up into Knights and Kings and Queens. Our values are shifting. Our whole perception of risk is being revolutionized. And I think this is where the Leo comes in. The Sun card indicates a person who is so, totally unafraid, it’s infectious. Leos are performers, the inner children of the zodiac – so it makes sense we should gravitate to them when we’re scared of growing up. I see this experience with Leo energy as constructive rather than destructive. Everyone’s gotta be the fool once in their life (or twice, or three times…). This is so beautiful for you guys, because it’s courage. And you’re gonna gain wisdom from this, because who’s on the other side of The Fool? The Queen of Swords. I think in some ways you guys are an example of the book smart vs. street smart idea. You are deeply intelligent people, but you don’t often put yourself in situations which require quick thinking or being on your feet. This experience with the Leo and the risk is going to instill some of that quick, air energy in you. I really feel like this month you could be performing in some way, or public speaking. Have you been wanting to audition or try something out, but have been too scared to do it? Now is the perfect time. Of course, after you’ve had this little excursion, you’ll inevitably go back into your shell, but hopefully this time you will have some new knowledge to chew on, and a boost in confidence, as well. It’s time to live a little.

Bottom of the deck: Four of Swords. The meditation card. A confirmation of The Hermit card at the end of the reading, and the reflection which comes after this risk.


Cards: Knight of Coins, Ace of Swords, The Chariot Reversed, King of Coins Reversed, The Star Reversed, Knight of Wands

There are a lot of opposites in this reading, Aquarius. You may be experiencing an inner conflict, or feeling “split down the middle” in terms of mood. The Ace of Swords rooted down by the Star card reversed indicates to me that there is a disconnect between how people see you and how you really are, or between how you’re acting and how you’re feeling. Perhaps you don’t feel like yourself, or are “spacier” than usual – stuck in your head, pondering, overthinking. You may even be feeling a bit desensitized, or numb. This could be due to dissatisfaction with your job or with school. The Knight of Coins combined with the King of Coins reversed indicates that although you may be earning plenty of money, your heart is not in it. You might feel overwhelmed by your classes, or just plain uninterested in what you’re learning. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re doing poorly – in fact, I think a lot of you are doing quite well in school – but due to stress or unhappiness, you’re not able to enjoy your accomplishments, and they feel like hollow victories.

This lack of motivation/enthusiasm could stem from ongoing problems in other areas of your life. As Aquarians, it is very important to you to be able to connect with others, and to feel like you’re part of a community. There could be problems with relationships, whether it’s with a significant other or with friends or family. There might be a fire sign (Aries, Leo, Sag) in your life who is contributing to this, and making it hard for you to appreciate the positive aspects of your life. I feel that you might be surrounding yourself or engaging with people who don’t have the same values as you, who don’t share your passion or your creativity, and that’s what’s keeping you stuck in this rut. With the Nine of Swords at the bottom of the deck, you are definitely dealing with some negative, pessimistic people, and that’s filtering the way you look at the world. This is also a card of weariness. Have there been issues in your life which have worn you down? Do you feel as if, even though the school year is just beginning, you’re already at the end of your rope? For seniors, this could indicate some early-onset “senioritis.” This month, try to surround yourself with people who are motivated and enthusiastic about the year to come, and reach out to them for help if you feel stressed or overwhelmed. I would also suggest getting outside. Do anything you can to ground yourself in nature, whether it’s swimming while it’s still warm, or just going for a walk. Some earth energy might do you good.


Cards: Two of Cups, The Emperor, Three of Cups Reversed, The Magician Reversed, Knight of Coins Reversed, Temperance, Queen of Wands

Pisces, I need to tell you this: don’t give up on something good just because things are getting rough. There is something beautiful that you have in your possession, something hopeful, something harmonious. I want it to work out and I know it can. But you can’t let other people get in the way. There are going to be people this month who will try to sabotage you and get under your skin. The Three of Cups Reversed is gossip, lies, pettiness. It’s people devaluing your work, or devaluing your ideas, or devaluing your relationship. And it’s making you feel powerless. It’s making you doubt yourself and wonder if they’re right and you should just throw it all away. Don’t listen to them. Your ideas, your work, your relationship is not weak. It is held up by something powerful and strong: that Aries, Emperor energy that is all about beginnings. You’ve been given a good start by the universe. Take that energy and run with it while you can. Don’t doubt or save, because at the bottom of the deck is the Four of Cups, the card of missed opportunities. Be careful not to get lazy, Pisces. Knight of Coins Reversed is like that friend who complains about not having money but who hasn’t ever applied for a job. Love, school, work – these are all hard things, but they pay off, and you’ve got something good going. So keep going.

There might be a Sagittarius woman who inspires you. She is able to manifest the things she wants without appearing to exert much energy. Talk to her. Let her know you’re feeling stuck, and ask for help. Perhaps she can help you get back on track if you feel yourself falling behind.


Tips to Survive Branford High School

By Abby Boyle

Welcome to Branford High! We are almost done with our first month of school and this article is going out to all newcomers to the high school. By this time you probably have all the basics of high schools down. Like where your classes are, and how you don’t sit on the senior balcony couches! But since high school is fairly new, here are some tips from a professional on how to survive your experience at Branford High.

Get involved


I know going to school isn’t always the best, but if you get involved in the school community like joining a club or team school will be a lot more enjoyable. There are great clubs out there like environmental club, student council, model congress, and so much more.

Don’t be afraid of upper classmen or seniors

They are just people and aren’t as big and scary as they look. They were once in your position just a few short years ago.

Ask question and ask for help

High School can be tough and work will get harder, so don’t be afraid to ask question from your teachers or friends. Email your teachers or ask to stay after. Most likely every teacher will be willing to help.

Try not to miss class


When you miss class you miss the work and it can always be hard to try to makeup all the work, so try to go to class. And a reminder that you only have 8 legal absences per semester and 3 tardies=1 absence. Just keep a mind out for how many absentees you have.


Remember that you only have 4 minute passing times


Just keep in mind of the time so you’re not tardy to your next class. Getting from the f-wing to the c-wing can be a little difficult in four minutes.


Dress for changing climates throughout the school


As the seasons are starting to change you are going to notice that one class might be humid and hot then your next class might be freezing, a tip would be to keep an extra sweatshirt in your locker just incase you get cold


Don’t over stress


School work will get hard, but don’t over stress yourself for a test or midterms or finals. When you stress yourself out it makes the whole situation worse. So just breath because it will all be ok.

Participate in school events


Branford high has many fun events like homecoming, or dressing up for halloween, or spirit week. Even though they might not look very fun they are actually a lot a fun. So don’t be nervous to go full out and join in on school wide events.


Challenge yourself


High school can be challenging but don’t be afraid to challenge yourself and try your hardest in your classes to get the best grade you can. And in future years don’t be afraid to take more challenging classes that interest you.


It’s ok to make mistakes


High school is tough and we all make mistakes, so don’t beat yourself up about one little mistake you make. We all forget our homework sometimes, or get in fights with friends but it will all work itself out. High school is high school and were all going through it together, so you’re not alone.


BHS Reacts To New President Trump: A Series of Photos

By Madeleine Mattson

With Donald Trump set to be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States of America today, the Buzz has looked back at the last three months at Branford High School since the contentious election. Below are a series of pictures and statements from BHS students reacting to the transfer of power.

From tears, to free hugs, to cheers of joy, the 2016 Presidential Election reflects just how diverse of a community BHS really is.


Some were indifferent about the whole thing…

“I really don’t care.” Ethan Mills, ’17.

Some joked through their frustration…

Sophia Smith, Alanna Grimm, and Sushraya Jay, ’17.


Julia Campanelli, ’19.


“I’m looking forward to becoming a heterosexual.” Ian Bergemann, ’17.

Some were confused…

Cole Chase-Beach, ’17.


“I really can’t believe this happened.” Maryam Yasir, ’19.

Some were overjoyed after the election…

“Trump! I love Trump!” Jon Ye, ’17.


“Excited for our Country’s future.” Stephen Cruz and Logan Distasio, ’18.

Others were deeply upset…

“Who? He’s irrelevant to my life.” Khayla Liburd ’21 “Trump may be our president but he does not truly control me.” Julian Clarke-Dixon ’21


“Not my president.” Sonny Reed, ’17.

So we plunge into the next four years uncertain: waiting to either change or confirm our initial impressions of our newest President. Despite our varied opinions, hopefully everyone at BHS can agree to hope for the best in our country.

What are your thoughts on the Presidential Election? Leave comments or tweet us @bhsbuzz.

A Look Back At The 11 Best Albums of 2016

By Sarah Marsland

2016 has not exactly been an easy year.

Amidst the chaos and divisiveness of the election, seemingly constant news stories of conflict and violence, and the uncertainty of what lies ahead both within America and abroad, at times it has been hard to find something worth celebrating. Internet memes proclaiming that 2016 will go down in the books as “the worst year in history” have gone viral, received with nervous laughter by young people across the country – at times, it can seem like a scary time to come of age.

But although 2016 may be remembered as a somewhat dark time politically and socially, there is one story of growth and progress that should not be ignored: 2016 turned out to be a golden age for music.

Continue reading “A Look Back At The 11 Best Albums of 2016”

10 Things You Said Freshman Year at BHS That You Would Never Say Now

By Sarah Marsland

1. “This school is SO. BIG.”

You thought you’d never find your way around Branford High School. But now you know it’s literally just one big rectangle.


2. “Best friends forever!”

Half the people you talked to freshman year aren’t in your life anymore. But that’s okay – people change. You’re not bitter or anything.


3. “I hate Walsh.”

You were so ready to get out. And now you’re here and you want to go back.

I just really miss recess, man.


4. “I’m never gonna wear sweatpants to school. Or leggings. Or pajamas.”

That plan went out the window real quick. Half the time you feel like you’re asleep anyway, so what’s the difference?


5. “Yeah sure, I can go.”

Nope, sorry – I have two papers due and a test tomorrow, and frankly I’d rather stay home and watch Stranger Things than actually go out and socialize with my peers in someone’s basement. Since when was there this much work?



6. “I’m never gonna do that.”

You judged the older kids for all the questionable things they did (i.e. pulling all-nighters to cram for tests).

But then you did it. And you probably regretted it.


7. “I’m gonna make friends with all the upperclassmen.”

Lol plot twist – they all went to college.


8. “Yeah sure, I can go to the movies/Parthenon/mall/concert!”

But now you’re like

Unless you have a job, in which case you can’t go anyway because you have work.


9. “Vote for me!”

You ran for student body president and had an entire campaign planned out.


But now you’ve gotten lazy.



10. And finally, “I’m so ready to get out of Branford!”

College seemed so far away back then, but now it’s getting closer and you are so not ready to be an adult.

And you’re starting to realize how good you have it here at home.

Because high school might’ve been tough, but you had some fun times, too.

So good luck, class of 2020 – enjoy it while you can!


Teen Motherhood: A Life is Created, Does One Have to Be Ruined?

By Matilda Kreider

I’m sitting in a classroom in my high school with a girl I’ve known since middle school, preparing for an interview. We are the same age and we grew up in the same town, but our lives exist on different planes. I’m still just someone’s daughter, but she is someone’s mother.

With that knowledge in mind, I expect things between us to feel strange, but they don’t. Charlene is as kind and easy to talk to as I remembered, and with no baby in the room, it is easy to forget how different our lives are. Halfway through the interview, though, Charlene’s mother walks in with baby Valeria, and suddenly the room expands to fit two new generations.

Charlene with her mother, Charlene, and baby Valeria; Photo Credit: Brianna Linehan
Charlene with her mother, Charlene, and baby Valeria;
Photo Credit: Brianna Linehan

Teen motherhood is treated like a curse more than a blessing, but to be someone’s parent is still a remarkable joy, as evidenced by Charlene’s mom, who is glowing while watching Charlene, and by Charlene, who is happily holding Valeria on her lap. The presence of her baby has transformed Charlene into a Wonder Woman type, constantly giving Valeria attention while still giving thoughtful answers to my questions.

Why do we reduce these special kinds of teenagers to anything less than they are? Balancing school, jobs, and children and still trying to sneak in something fun that resembles the average teenager’s life is incredibly difficult and should be admired, not put down. But there’s a reason we discourage teens from following this path.

Becoming a mother during the teen years is undoubtedly difficult. Though older mothers are not guaranteed to be more prepared for motherhood, they are more likely to have completed their education and reached financial independence. The burdens of child care and financial support often fall upon the families of young parents while the teens themselves are trying to stay in school or earn an income.

Charlene’s mom, also named Charlene, doesn’t seem like she holds a grudge for the extra burden, but Charlene tells me that she was terrified to tell her mom about her pregnancy. Her mom had had her at the later age of 27, and she had done a lot of things to try to prevent a teen pregnancy from happening. “I thought she’d, like, kick me out of the house or something, but she didn’t,” Charlene remembers. “She would just cry every time she would look at me.”

When she first learned of her pregnancy, Charlene seriously considered other options; she didn’t have a good relationship with the baby’s father, and it didn’t seem right to bring a child into the world into a bad situation. After deciding against an abortion, she considered adoption but then realized, “I didn’t want her to think [that I didn’t want her] because I always told myself if I gave her up for adoption that I didn’t give her up because I didn’t want her, I gave her up because I couldn’t care for her. I was in high school, it was hard, no one was there to help me.”

Of course, she is now happy with the decision she made, and it isn’t quite as hard as she expected, perhaps due to the addition of a new, more committed boyfriend. “My mom is there, you know, my boyfriend’s there for me and everything. And, you know, it’s easy now.”

Raising Valeria on a day-to-day basis may be easier than Charlene expected, but everything that comes along with being a mother could stand in the way of what she wants for herself. Charlene knows that she is going to have to make sacrifices to achieve her goals, and she only hopes that Valeria will come to understand her decisions. Compared to the average teenager whose career goals involve making a lot of money, her motivations really are noble. She knows even more than the average teenager that education is less a rite of passage and more a ticket to a better life.

“I know some teen moms, they just drop out of high school, and that’s the worst thing you could ever do,” she explains, her tone final. “Because if you go to school and get an education, you can give her everything you could want, everything she wants. If you don’t have an education, you can’t get a career, you can’t give her what she wants or what she needs. It’s gonna be hard.”

Either way, it’s going to be hard. For young mothers like Charlene who hope to get an education, the odds are not stacked in their favor. Only 40 percent of teen mothers complete high school, and only 2 percent earn a college degree before the age of 30. Yet the teenage idealism is still there in Rodriguez, who looks at her future the same way that any teenager does. She thinks realistically about what may have to change, but she doesn’t foresee failure in any scenario.

“In all honesty,” Charlene declares, “I think I will be able to finish college because if they have daycare, I can always put her in that. And I have some other people that can help out.” That kind of simple, practical approach may be indicative of her naivete, but that doesn’t mean it can’t work, especially with a mother as dedicated to education as Charlene is.

Charlene with baby Valeria; Photo Credit: Brianna Linehan

If many teenage mothers approach education with that mentality, why are so few of them successful in obtaining high-level degrees? It could be that the right support is not there for them; in a country without paid maternity leave or affordable childcare, it is certainly not easy to work, study, and parent all at once. If one out of the three has to go, it’s not going to be the job or the child. There will never be more than 2 percent of teen moms graduating college if nothing changes on a societal level; schools and workplaces should be encouraging young parents to achieve, not making it harder for them to do so.

For her part, Charlene thinks our high school is doing a good job helping her get to graduation. She’s enrolled in a program called Horizons that allows students to attend school for only half the day and follow a different curriculum, and she credits the program with keeping her in school. Still, our high school limits all students to 13 absences for each class period per 90 day semester, and though Charlene has no chip on her shoulder about this, it would be reasonable to be frustrated. 13 absences is fair for a teen who just wants to stay home and sleep, but it seems stingy for a young parent who might need to stay home with a sick child or to give her mom a day off from babysitting duty.

Sadly, a lack of education is harmful to more than just the teen mother herself. Nearly two-thirds of families started by teen mothers will be poor, and the children may not escape this cycle of poverty; two-thirds of children born to teen mothers will graduate high school, compared to 81% of children born to older parents.

As a mother, Charlene expects more for her child. When asked about her hopes for Valeria, Charlene looks down at her and seems to think out loud, saying, “I hope that she does not go the same way I did.. That she goes to school, does well in school, goes to college. I hope she does what she desires. Whatever she wants she should be free to do. I hope everything goes well for her when she’s growing up.” To hope that no obstacles fall in your child’s way is only natural for a parent, but teen mothers have more to be concerned about than any other demographic.

This dire outlook could make one wonder if girls like Charlene have “ruined their lives,” as the oft-repeated warning goes. A baby is a blessing, but a baby born to a teen mom is a crisis- what a strange way to be brought into the world. With big dreams of getting her degrees and buying herself a house, Charlene doesn’t seem to think her life has been ruined, but she is very open and honest in saying, “I don’t think you should be a teen  mom because it’s pretty hard for me, and if it’s hard for me, then I guess it would be hard for any other teenager.” She doesn’t regret having her baby, but she wishes the timing had been different.

Though the statistics are not a comfort, Charlene seems confident that she’s on the right path. One day, she hopes Valeria will be grateful and “understand the fact that she has a good mom with her and her mom did everything she could because I’m trying to do everything I can.”

Though that sentiment is the most mature thing I’ve ever heard come from a teenager, I’m reminded that Charlene is really a kid when she compares her journey to something straight out of driving school. “If you get in that right lane, don’t go left, because everything will just go downhill,” she advises. “But if you go downhill, just know if you have the right support, you can get back up there again. Because that’s what happened to me.”

Editor’s Note: This piece was originally published as part of my Capstone project, a magazine called “Introducing…” and has been adapted for The Buzz. It is a particularly prevalent piece in a school with a student body that typically contains 4-5 student parents at a time.

Spring 2016 Sports Roundup- and What’s Going on with the Turf?

By Matilda Kreider

First, you must have noticed that the turf and track at BHS are pretty much… gone. On June 6th, crews began the process of tearing up and replacing the James MacVeigh Athletic Complex’s turf field and track. The $750,000 project should be completed by mid-August, in time for the start of fall sports.

The school year has ended, and so have most of the state tournaments for spring sports. Here’s how the Hornets’ seasons turned out.

Autumn McHenry and Lanle Crotty playing against Hand Credit: (Peter Hvizdak - New Haven Register) May 16th, 2016
Autumn McHenry and Lanle Crotty playing against Hand
Credit: (Peter Hvizdak – New Haven Register) May 16th, 2016

Girls Lacrosse

The girls lacrosse team lost its first game of the season.. and then won the next 12 straight. They posted a regular season record of 14-2 and were seeded #3 in the SCC tournament, although they lost in the semifinal round to #2 seed Cheshire. The team was then seeded #2 in the Class M State Tournament and beat Brookfield and East Lyme before losing 15-6 to #6 New Canaan in the semifinal round. New Canaan went on to win the championship. Girls lax finished with an impressive record of 16-4.

Boys Lacrosse

The boys lacrosse team split its regular season to end up with a solid 8-8 record. This was enough to give the team a berth into the qualifying round of the Class M State Tournament as the #14 seed, but their season was cut short when they lost 4-3 to Pomperaug, the #19 seed. The boys finished with an 8-9 record and some memorable victories.

Boys Tennis

Led by eventual state champions Dan O’Neill and Miles Conlin and state finalist Matt Sachs, the boys tennis team had a great season. The team won its first 8 matches straight and then finished with a record of 10-7. Matt Sachs was the runner-up of the Class M singles, losing to Guilford’s Evan Powell in the final round. Miles Conlin and Dan O’Neill beat Eric Benninghoff and Ishan Mirchandani of Weston to win the Class M doubles. With many strong competitors from all grades, the team took 2nd place in the Class M State Tournament.

O'Neill, head coach Matt Fraezna, Conlin, and Sachs; Photo Credit: zip06, June 2nd
O’Neill, head coach Matt Fraezna, Conlin, and Sachs; Photo Credit: zip06, June 2nd

Girls Tennis 

The girls tennis team went 8-9 on the season, posting many great wins along the way. While this wasn’t enough to give them a shot in the Class M State Tournament, they were only one seed away from making it, and it was a great season nonetheless.

Girls Track & Field

The girls track team had a great run this season, finishing with a 10-1 record, and stood out in the postseason. Finishing 4th at the SCC West Sectional Meet, 7th at the SCC Championship Meet, and 5th at the Class MM State Championship Meet, the team also had many individual winners. Etta Hanlon won the long jump at the West Sectional Meet. Notably, at the Class MM Meet, Claira Janover won the triple jump (35 feet 5 inches) and came in third in the 100 hurdles (16:01), Cyrene Nicholas came in third in the 1,600 meter run (5:22:05), and Bridget Wirtz came in third in the pole vault (9-06). Also, Keira Integlia took fourth in the javelin throw (104-10), Issy Bysiewicz took fifth in the 300 meter hurdles (50.85), Taylor Brown took sixth in the pole vault (9-0), and Gerling Daniels took seventh in the 100 meter dash (12.84). Janover, Nicholas, Wirtz, Integlia, and Bysiewicz all competed in the State Open, and some athletes will compete in the heptathlon and other events this week.

Boys Track & Field

Having lost a large group of senior runners in the Class of 2015, the boys team had to work even harder this year, finishing with a 4-7-1 record. The team took 6th at the SCC West Sectional Meet, 17th at the SCC Meet, and 20th at the Class MM Meet. Notable standouts included Kory King and Seraphin Tala in the hurdling and jumping events; at the Class MM Meet, King took 2nd in the 110 meter hurdles (15:48) and 7th in the 300 meter hurdles (42.51) and Tala took 8th in the 300 meter hurdles (42:81). King won the 110 hurdles at the West Sectional Meet and will compete in the decathlon this week.


In girls soccer coach Jen Kohut’s first season as head coach, the golf team went 14-6 on the season and took 12th in the Division II State Meet. Ryan Sember led the team at that meet by shooting a 79 to come in 9th place. Sember shot an 81 to come in 10th at the SCC Meet, while Liam Deane shot a 92. Other frequent low-scorers included Joe Reilly, Mike Annunziata, and Jason Brennan. Sophomore EJ Lee was the lone girl on the team and consistently performed as the No. 6 shooter.  Sember was given the honor of being a member of the All-State Golf Team.

Marisa Minore Credit: zip06
Marisa Minore, Credit: zip06


Having lost 6 senior starters in the class of 2015, the softball team had some rebuilding to do. Freshman Sophia Araneo stepped in on the mound and finished the season with 5 wins under her belt; junior Olivia Datre threw one game against Cross and won that game. After a rough start to the season that left the squad 2-14 in the middle of May, the team pulled together to win its last 4 games and finish at 6-14. While this was not enough to make the state tournament, the team had an exciting last week, including taking 6-2 win over Sheehan after losing 11-2 to the same team earlier in the week.


The baseball team finished the season with a regular season record of 9-11 and was undefeated in Oronoque division play by beating Cross, Career, North Haven, and East Haven twice each. Also notable was a 3-2 victory over Hand early in the season. Facing the #2 seed Hamden- a team having a record season- in the SCC opener, the team dropped a close 5-4 decision. Looking on to the Class L state tournament, the #30 seeded team faced the #3 seed Wilcox Tech but didn’t go down without a fight, losing 3-2. Still, it’s always an exciting season when the team makes both postseason tournaments!


Where is the Class of 2016 Headed?

From the Editor

From L-R: Cara Delucia, Lily Kirby, Matilda Kreider, Maddie McGann
From L-R: Cara Delucia, Lily Kirby, Matilda Kreider, Maddie McGann

As the school year winds down and graduation approaches, the class of 2016 looks ahead to next fall; seniors showed their college pride on April 29th, just two days before they had to make their official college decisions.

From L-R: Cleo Kyriakides, Lily Kirby, Claira Janover Issy Bysiewicz
From L-R: Cleo Kyriakides, Lily Kirby, Claira Janover Issy Bysiewicz

Some of the grade’s academic leaders will be storming the halls of Ivy League and other elite institutions. Valedictorian Issy Bysiewicz will be attending Yale University, Lily Kirby will be attending Brown University, Cleo Kyriakides will be attending Cornell University, and Claira Janover will be attending Harvard College. Marshall Borrus will be attending Williams College, while Matt Sachs is heading to either Cornell University or Georgetown University.

Graduates will be spreading far and wide, with many attending schools thousands of miles away. Remi Steinhardt will be attending St. Edwards University in Austin, Texas, while Rachel Krug will head to the University of Arizona and Tristyn Wooster will be playing lacrosse at Arizona State University. Raissi Bysiewicz will head down to New Orleans to attend Tulane University. Justine Hooks will be going to the University of Southern California and Shradha Shrestha will attend San Diego State University. Quochelle Small will be going to Seattle University.

A handful of the students headed to UConn next year.
A handful of the students headed to UConn next year.

In addition to Wooster’s commitment to play lacrosse at Arizona, there will be many other graduates playing varsity sports in college.

From the BHS swimming and diving team, Paige MacNeil will be swimming for Wagner College, Cassandra Collins will be swimming and diving at Babson College, Erika Maercklein will be swimming at CCSU, and Caitlin Daley will be swimming at Wheaton College.

Anneliese Troidle will run cross country and track for Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Jessie O’Connor will play soccer at Nova Southeastern University, and Kendall Simmons will play lacrosse at SCSU. Noah Degoursey will play lacrosse at Keene State College, Kory King will play basketball at Salve Regina, Jake Jacobson will play basketball at Springfield college, and Matt Sachs may play tennis at Georgetown. Tess Paluzzi will be on the dance team at the University of Cincinnati. Many other athletes intend to play club sports or try out for the varsity teams once they get to school.

On the musical side of things, Kim Klarman will be studying music therapy and Shannon Finn will be studying contemporary vocal performance at Berklee College of Music in Boston while Marissa Smoker heads to Point Park University in Pittsburgh to study musical theater. Travis Johnson will be studying theater at SCSU, and Chris Altavilla will be studying musical education at Temple University.

From L-R: Abby Atkinson, Victoria Donadio, Jenna Vitale
From L-R: Abby Atkinson, Victoria Donadio, Jenna Vitale

Schools with big draws for this year’s graduates include UConn, UNH, Quinnipiac, SCSU, ECSU, and CCSU. Popular cities include Boston, New York, Providence, and Washington, D.C- and, of course, Storrs. Many students plan to major in fields like psychology, business, political science, art, biology, engineering, and nursing.

Additionally, many students are planning to join the workforce, enlist in the military, or attend technical schools. Wherever they go, we know the class of 2016 will be successful!

More Heartbreak for the Class of 2014; Remembering Jean-Luc

By Matilda Kreider

It has been a tough year for Branford High School, especially the Class of 2014. After the September loss of Tally Sepot and the December loss of Shane Murphy, another member of the ’14 class has passed away.

Photo Credit:
Photo Credit:

Jean-Luc Guglielmi died suddenly on April 26th. He was born on June 5th, 1996, and grew up in Branford. He is survived by his parents Roland and Melissa and his sister Madeleine, who will graduate BHS with the Class of 2016.

Following the news of his passing, social media was flooded with memories of Jean-Luc and condolences to his family. Daniela Godoy, a senior at BHS, wrote, “Missing you, you were too good for this world.”

Jack Kennedy, Class of 2015, wrote, “Jean-Luc was a great person, and not only does this news weaken a family, but it weakens Branford as a whole. Hug your friends, family and loved ones because you can’t take a single moment for granted.”

Jean-Luc’s sister Maddy set up a GoFundMe account over the weekend with this message:

“On the morning of April 29th, 2016 I lost my older brother to suicide. My family and I are devastated, and would never want any other family to go through what we are experiencing now. I’m setting up this account for American Society for suicide prevention. I want to raise awareness, offer support, and fund research for suicide prevention. I know that my brother felt that he was alone in all of this but he wasn’t, and I don’t want anyone to feel as if they are. If you or someone you know is suicidal please let them know there is help and they do not have to go through this alone.”

The account has raised over $2,700 in three days.

Friends and family are invited to a memorial service Friday at 7:00 pm at the W. S. Clancy Memorial Funeral Home, 244 North Main Street, Branford. Visitation will be prior to the service from 4:00 – 7:00.

In his memory, and in lieu of flowers, the family welcomes contributions through the GoFundMe to benefit the American Society for Suicide Prevention.