10 Things You Said Freshman Year at BHS That You Would Never Say Now

By Sarah Marsland

1. “This school is SO. BIG.”

You thought you’d never find your way around Branford High School. But now you know it’s literally just one big rectangle.


2. “Best friends forever!”

Half the people you talked to freshman year aren’t in your life anymore. But that’s okay – people change. You’re not bitter or anything.


3. “I hate Walsh.”

You were so ready to get out. And now you’re here and you want to go back.

I just really miss recess, man.


4. “I’m never gonna wear sweatpants to school. Or leggings. Or pajamas.”

That plan went out the window real quick. Half the time you feel like you’re asleep anyway, so what’s the difference?


5. “Yeah sure, I can go.”

Nope, sorry – I have two papers due and a test tomorrow, and frankly I’d rather stay home and watch Stranger Things than actually go out and socialize with my peers in someone’s basement. Since when was there this much work?



6. “I’m never gonna do that.”

You judged the older kids for all the questionable things they did (i.e. pulling all-nighters to cram for tests).

But then you did it. And you probably regretted it.


7. “I’m gonna make friends with all the upperclassmen.”

Lol plot twist – they all went to college.


8. “Yeah sure, I can go to the movies/Parthenon/mall/concert!”

But now you’re like

Unless you have a job, in which case you can’t go anyway because you have work.


9. “Vote for me!”

You ran for student body president and had an entire campaign planned out.


But now you’ve gotten lazy.



10. And finally, “I’m so ready to get out of Branford!”

College seemed so far away back then, but now it’s getting closer and you are so not ready to be an adult.

And you’re starting to realize how good you have it here at home.

Because high school might’ve been tough, but you had some fun times, too.

So good luck, class of 2020 – enjoy it while you can!