Teacher feature: A New Mr. White Making Noise at BHS

Mr. White playing the tuba during a recent football. Photo credit: Kathryn Cooke.

By Maria Quagliano

Within the walls of Branford High School students and faculty have been aware of the name Mr. White from the guidance office, but now they have the chance to get to know a new personality behind the name.

A new faculty intern from the University of Bridgeport, also named Mr. White, has been loving working at BHS since day one due to the fact that everyone here is welcoming including the student body and all of the teachers. He stated that “BHS is unlike most schools because it’s like one big family.” He can see that the good community of people at BHS are willing to get along and can easily accept new people into their school including himself.

Mr. Jesse White first discovered that he wanted to become a teacher while in middle school due to a band teacher who connected to almost all of his students. This specific band teacher made learning fun and enjoyable for the students and Mr white intends to do the same while proceeding in his teaching career.

Mr. White is hoping to become a band teacher for a high school as his final career move in the educational system, which is why any student can spot him playing along side of the high school’s band at football games or at the student assemblies, such as the parade of nations. Most recently, he played in the band during the Veteran’s Day celebration Monday.

Generally, Mr. White can be seen serving as a substitute teacher in any department from math to foreign languages. Having to teach such a variety of classes has made him willing to be up to anything and to always have a backup plan since students could finish an assignment a teacher left for them quickly.

As well as having a backup plan, this leads him to have the goal to “learn one new thing everyday” while working here.”Remember time management” he said because time flies by and if you don’t keep track of it then it will run out faster than you think.