Fallback Starts Sunday, Set Those Clocks

Daylight savings starts Sunday: set those clocks back one hour tonight before you go to bed.

By Heather Beedle

With the promise of an extra hour of sleep and an earlier sunset, daylight savings time ends this Sunday at 2 a.m.

And this transformation or “fallback” is seen as a great advantage to students at Branford High School. Everyone will get an extra hour of sleep Sunday morning.

“This extra hour allows me to be more rested for the school day ahead,” sophomore Jessie Pantani said.

Daylight savings time began in 1916 during World War I. It was used as an effort to save fuel. President Franklin Roosevelt instituted year round DST time, also called “War time,” on February 9,1942.

An extra hour of sleep can allow students to be more focused, and even as far as improve students grades. Without daylight savings, many people find it hard to get up when it’s still dark out and get ready for school on time. But your body is trained to get up earlier so you will have an extra hour to rest and regain the energy to get up on time. But since it’s darker in the morning it allows student athletes to have a little more sunlight to complete outdoor activities during the day.

For senior Katlyn Gallo, daylight savings is more than an extra hour to sleep.

“As a senior it’s hard to get all my homework done at night, so I see this as an opportunity to get some work done in the morning,” she said.

She is now used to getting up early so now with an extra hour she can use it in a positive way and get more school work done.

Senior Maisy Louren-colang says “It’s hard for me to get myself up in the morning so I have little time to eat breakfast or get ready.” Studies show that an extra hour can improve one’s health significantly by allowing people to have more time to eat a well balanced breakfast and still have time to get ready for the day.

So, this Sunday get ready to change your clocks back an hour and finally be relieved. Use it to your advantage and be prepared for darker mornings and lighter nights.

What do you plan to do with the extra hour of sleep Sunday?