Lots of Different Halloween Looks for BHS Students

By Faythe Ventresca

Between childhood memories, hit TV shows and movies, adventurers, and animals – BHS students filled the school with Halloween spirit Thursday.

Each sport team had themes that they had planned for a while and were excited to dress up.

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The cheerleading team dressed as the TY Beanie Babies Collection. Each team member was a different type of animal. They each had their own tag just like the actual collection. Inside the tag included a different poem that rhymed. Paige Lyon, a senior on the team, dressed as a duck. “We thought this theme would be cute and unique.” Lyon says.

Another childhood costume was brought by the cross country girls. They each were a different crayon color from “Crayola”.

The volleyball team filled the hallways with underclassman-minions while the seniors dressed as the main characters from the popular children’s movie, “Despicable Me”.

From the hit TV show, “Pretty Little Liars,” the dance team seniors represented the “liars” while the underclassman were the mysterious “A”.

The swim team rounded up all the biker chicks and pulled off the look in school.

Want to go on a safari journey? Ask a member of the field hockey team – they had all the accessories and even had a car.

While teams had their certain themes, there were also many single costumes around the school.

One costume that was eye-catching was a Smurfette. Taylor Levesh, a senior, was head-to-toe blue. Wearing a blue body suit, a white dress, and blue face paint, she explained how she had a family Halloween party after school. She chose her costume because her boyfriend and his family are all character from the movie ” The Smurfs” and wanted to show off her costume at school. Many students had situations like this and showed off their costume.

There were multiple costumes brought to the school this Halloween and who knows what next year will bring.

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