New Honors Geometry Course Unveiled

The math department has created an honors geometry class for students, starting in the 2013-14 school year.

By Matt Kilfeather and Cassidy McCarns

As students start registering for classes next year, Branford High School is introducing a new math course called Honors Geometry.
Ms. Heather Sauer, who is head of the Math department, is in charge of developing the new course. Currently, there is only an “Honors Option” for students who want to challenge themselves while in a standard class.
When asked what the reason for the change was Mrs. Sauer said that, “The honors option has always been offered but it is not intensive geometry.” Another reason for the new courses induction was that the math department wants to challenge the students for the entirety of the year and get them prepared for Algebra II Honors.
In addition, this new course will be a full class of honors students so they will be at the same level and there will be a lot more investigative work involved, Sauer said.
The new class has certain requirements  in order for a student to be able to take it. The requirements are: earning a minimum grade of B+ in Algebra I, combined with a teacher recommendation stating that the student is capable of meeting increased expectations of Honor-level course requirements.
Registration for juniors is currently underway and sophomores will start registering later this month.