How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with…

Valentine's Day 2012; Students try spread the holiday spirit.
Valentine’s Day 2012; Students try spread the holiday spirit.

by The Buzz Editors

Your significant other: Don’t kid yourself, you’re in high school and broke so don’t overdo it. Don’t buy gifts that are way over your budget, the experience is better than any big gift. And remember a nice gift of flowers and chocolate goes a long way.
Your Friends: Plan a night in with your buds and forget all the couples filling up the restaurants. Watch a movie and eat tons of junk food. Here’s a movie list you can pick from: 
Yourself: V-Day or D-Day? Are you the type of person who claims Valentine’s Day was “just a Hallmark Holiday” or do you thrive on 50% off sales on chocolate? Either way you are alone, so make the most of it. Girls, go get your nails done. Guys go to McDonalds and rent a video game.
Your Family: Family is another form of love and V-Day is a time to show everyone in your life you care about them. Put in a movie and make some food. Don’t forget to bake lots of cookies and cupcakes.
Your Co-Workers: Are you working on Thursday night? Don’t let work ruin your whole night. Dress up for the occasion and wear some heart pins and wish every customer a “Happy Valentine’s Day”. And don’t sweat it; you have your whole life to plan something special for this day.