College Life After BHS

BHS Story
UCONN is the most popular college destination for BHS grads in the class of 2012.


By Brianna Boteler

Branford High School students who head off to college may be leaving Branford, but according to a new report released by the Guidance Department most BHS students stay close to home.

The Summary Report released by guidance shows all of the statistics on the class of 2012, including what colleges the majority of students applied to. Many of those top schools are in our state or nearby.

The University of Connecticut was the most popular school for BHS students to apply to, with 88 students applying from the class of 2012. Southern Connecticut State University came in second with an applicant total of 60 students.

The top 5 schools students tended to apply to from the class of 2012 were The University of Connecticut, Southern Connecticut State University, Gateway (44), Central Connecticut State University (31), and The University of Rhode Island (30).

As for the Ivy League schools, 6 students from the class of 2012 applied, unfortunately none from BHS was admitted. Harvard received 4 applications, but again no one was accepted.

Only 2 students applied and 1 enrolled at the University of Florida.

The highest attendance rate out of these top schools are Southern Connecticut, and Gateway with 24 students at Southern and 35 students at Gateway. Mr. White, a guidance counselor at Branford High School says, “The amount of students going to Gateway  has increased over the years so that students do not have to spend their whole lives paying off student loans.”

Mr. White continues by saying, “Gateway isn’t what everyone thinks, it’s a good school to go to, and they have moved to a brand new location to better accommodation their students.”

The SAT score average for the class of 2012 were primarily in the 400-499 range for critical reading. The math and writing sections ranged, from 500-599. The trend of the class of 2012 was to stay local, whether that be schools  right here in Connecticut, or colleges in neighboring states with the top sought after career choice of  Healthcare Practitioners and Technical field.