BHS Career Center offers help for college

The career center offers numerous resources for students at Branford High School. Photo by James Integlia.

By James Integlia

Picking the right college can be a difficult decision. Thankfully, at Branford High School, a Career Center run by Mrs. Pamela Moriarty works to help students find a college for them, or another career option should they choose not to go to college.

“This can help you out with the general college process,” says Mrs. Moriarty “it can be a very confusing process”.

In the Career Center, colleges will schedule visits, and send representatives from their admissions offices. Often these representatives are the same people who would read a Branford High School student’s application.

“These representatives want to make a connection and want to remember you,” says Moriarty “If you’re  borderline, one of these representatives might pull for you, there’s a lot to gain from it.”

However, Moriarty believes the service is underutilized saying “I have kids come to me in December saying, Oh you had colleges here?”  Current BHS senior Justin Pelazza says “Most people, especially underclassmen, don’t use it. I haven’t until recently.”

Mrs. Moriarty adds that she sends out a daily email, as well as having it read on the announcements each morning. Additionally, the full list is available on Naviance and is posted all over the senior balcony.

Mrs. Moriarty is available at 203-315-6742 or at for questions about Career Center sign-ups and visits.