Pep rally kicks off fall sports season

By Kelly Du
With the first month of school well underway, the BHS pep rally kicked off the fall sports celebration. The cross country team started it off with a dance routine number from the latest hit song, “Gangnam Style” by Korean artist PSY, with all the players appropriately decked out in suits and/or glasses.
Some other notable highlights included:

The boys’ soccer team took an interesting route by showing everyone how they like to warm up before a game. Senior Wilson Radulski came out in a fairy costume to dance along to the song “Fireflies” by Owl City and was later joined by several other players on the team in costume as well.

The field hockey team came out to rock as they chanted to the song “We Will Rock You” while using their sticks to thump to the beat.

Adding some color to the pep rally, the girls’ volleyball team came out wearing black jackets and pants, only to reveal bright colored clothing underneath as they danced to a mash up of various songs.

The girls’ swim team showed off their female power by dancing to “Single Ladies” by Beyonce. The cheerleading team also livened up the rally with a cheer routine.

The girls’ soccer team, unified sports, and football team also came out to show off their team pride. Unsurprisingly, while there was some technical difficulties with hearing some of the teams’ music, the fall pep rally did bring the school together as senior John Ainson cheered the crowd on by shouting, “LET’S GO..” with which the student body replied, “HORNETS!”