What is Edmodo?

by Kelly Du

Forget Twitter, most teachers are now using the website Edmodo to connect with students. Edmodo offers a place for teachers to write reminders or notes about anything they might have forgotten to mention in class. They can share sites, documents, and slideshows to provide students more resources for additional notes, which are especially useful for AP classes.

The website even provides a calendar that teachers can update to let students know what they’ll be doing in the upcoming weeks. They can also award students different badges if they do well on a test. Similar to Facebook’s layout, Edmodo is easy and functional to use. Students can ask questions and chat with one another about homework.

As a result, the website has been gaining popularity among many teachers at Branford High School. Math teacher Heather Sauer commented, “Edmodo is a fantastic platform for educational networking! Students can collaborate with one another and their teacher, access links and documents, and post insightful comments.”

Conveniently, students can download the free Edmodo app for their iPhone or iPad. This is an easy way to get updates whenever a teacher has posted something new. The only downside to having the app though, is that the calendar cannot be accessed or seen. If students don’t have a smartphone, Edmodo does send email notifications as well.

While there are many benefits, there are still some issues to be worked out. For example, senior Pooja Ali noted, “It’s hard when teachers post things online late at night and we don’t get a chance to see it. It’d be better if they posted things during the school day so that everyone gets a chance to check anything new any time after school.”

While teachers can try to do their part to update students at reasonable times, Edmodo still proves to be a website that is gaining popularity for its functionality and interaction.

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  1. Excellent article Kelly. I have been using Edmodo with my students also. I love being able to review homework responses online and provide feedback to help students think more deeply or improve their written expression. I’m really looking forward to this tool becoming a normal part of our teaching and learning routine!

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