Welcome Home!

by Marisa Kaplita

Many of you may have been waiting for another Hurricane to delay the start of school, but unfortunately Mother Nature is being kind to us this year.  Now, to those who had a boring summer, I’m sure you’re all too excited to start this New Year; and for those who would like an extra month of vacation, I apologize for not being able to work miracles!  It’s the start of the second week of school and everyone is getting back into their pre-summer routine and planning on making this the best year yet!

In the spirit of back to school, here is some advice for all of you:

To the freshmen:  First off, learn to love your locker, because you are stuck with it for the next three years of your life; your only other options are to take it or transfer, or if you’re smart enough maybe you can skip a grade! –but chances are you won’t find a decent locker until your senior year anyways.

Next, make sure you join a sport or a club (newspaper anyone?) because it’s really the best way to make new friends and meet new people.

Also, the first time you get a red card, don’t get excited because the chances that you will use it for anything except that free cookie in the cafeteria is slim to none, and using it as a get-out-of-study-hall free pass will cause you to waste more time than you can afford.

Lastly, this is your year to make as many mistakes as you want so don’t be afraid to take chances and improve yourself in as many ways possible.  You are free from Middle School so make the most of your time here because for the next three years you don’t have a choice.

To the sophomores:  Take this year to improve your fashion sense and also make some new friends.  And the good news is that you have a whole year of flying under the radar and you don’t have to worry about the parties you’re not being invited to because you will spend the rest of your weekends with your face glued to your AP US History textbook.  Enjoy your year of solitude and try to do well on CAPT so you don’t have to retake it your junior year.

To the juniors:  All I ask of you is that you don’t run me over in the parking lot while your texting and driving, and for your own good, try to get a job and start saving your money because you’re going to need every bit of it to pay for gas.

To the seniors:  Although you are most likely to skip out on all the 24 “sick” days you are allotted this year, for the days that you are here make sure you use this final year to be productive.  Unless your future plans have SUPERSenior written on them, you are going to want to spend this year applying for colleges, technical schools or interviewing for jobs.  Just try to do your best, at least until the inevitable “slide” at the end of the year, and make the most of it.  This is your last year of high school, and whether you love it, hate it, or have absolutely no opinion, remember that a fourth of your school years was spent at BHS and it will always be a part of you.  After this year your life is in your own hands and you will have the freedom to be the person you truly want to be. So give yourself a good start.