Dr. Rocktopus and the Nunks

yok Inspired by Vh1’s You Oughta Know. Meet Dr. Rocktopus and the Nunks n739670152_1870866_4729 Photo Credit: Madeline Alden They are a local band from Guilford with an unusual sound and I got a chance to interview Jesse the singer from Doc Roc. -Madeline Alden What towns are the members from? We're all from Guilford, CT Jesse Duran Crelin- Bass and Vox Dave Vitola- Guitar Dalton Patton- Drums Will Gratz- Sax Mat Auretta- Trumpet and Synth l_a169eee14a8a41e2bd24be6650a5cb54 Photo credit: Zach Elston When did the band form? Freshman Year so '07ish. We got together to play 25 or 6 to 4 by Chicago. What genres/bands does doc roc sound like? I always say we're Acoustic Electronica (impossible)--> but no one seems to laugh. I guess you could say we sound like Alt. Rock with horns. I can tell you that though we have 1 ska song and 1 reggae song, but that we are not "ska". Though when people see horns they like to say it.---don't get me wrong I love and respect ska it's just not us---- we have probably too many influences. Rx Bandits are defiantly a key one; The Beatles are gods of melody so they continuously inspire me, and everything else. I've listened to everything from The Beatles to BigE Smalls to Miles Davis to Tower of Power to Enter Shakari to The Mars Volta to The Cold War Kids, today. So it’s hard to say what we sound like, or where the music we play comes from. Does Doc Rock have any claims to fame, which is the best artist you’ve shared the stage with Claims to fame: hair, horns and volume We have won a few Battle of the Bands(es) and played some decently large shows. Best artist we've shared the stage with would have to be Great Ceasar and the Go Getters cause they're awesome Also its really fun to play with our friends From Dark To Dawn! Anything new such as CDs, Merchandise or tours/shows? 5 song EP coming VERY SOON !!!! Merch is the usual- t-shirts and stickers Many many shows: *May 16th Battle of the Bands Final Round The Space in Hamden. *May 23th Amity Teen Center (pending) *May 24th The Playwright New Haven(pending) *May 29th Lawrence Long Island BOTB(pending) *June 5th - Toads Place YAYY!! - New Haven * June 6th Town Of Guilford BOTB *June 12th ARTS BARN MADISON CT--with GCGG *June 13th Waterford B.O.M.B Fest a Photo Credit (from Left to right): Laura Robinson, Madeline Alden, and Lucas Cecchetto If you are interested in more about Doc Rock check out their myspace For more interviews with local artists check out our interviews with: Great Caesar and the GoGetters The Smyrk