13 Must Watch Halloween Movies to Get You Ready for the Season

By Abby Boyle

Its October and it’s officially spooky season! Halloween is a holiday full of candy, costumes, and scary events. But one of the best parts about Halloween is all the movies that you get to watch. So here are 13 must watch movies to see before spooky season is over.

1.Hocus Pocus(1993)
A classic movie with perfect one-liners that will make you crack up, and will totally get you into the Halloween mode. From witches, to zombies, to black cats, this movie got them all.

2.Halloween Town(1998)
Even though this is considered a children’s movie it will most definitely get you in the spooky mode. At the end of watching this film, you’re going to want to live in the cool place of Halloween Town without a doubt.

3.The Nightmare Before Christmas(1993)
This is one of Tim Burton’s most successful films, and Tim Burton king is practically the king of Halloween movies. So, this is a must-see for all ages.

4.Corpse Bride(2005)
Another one of Tim Burton’s films that will give you the same spooky vibe but gives the audience a whole different plot to follow. I suggest a Tim Burton movie night and watching both of his animated Halloween movies together.

Beetlejuice gives a cool twist to regular Halloween movies, where the living are haunting the dead. They call on Beetlejuice to help them and things don’t go as planned. This hilarious movie is full of all the classical Halloween tricks.

Coraline is a haughty and thrilling movie that definitely falls into the creepy side of Halloween, but it’s still a movie that will definitely make you feel in the mode for Halloween.

Even though Bewitched can be seen as a romantic comedy, there is still the Halloween aspect to it. For one thing, the whole movie is centered around a witch. You won’t regret watching this one.

7.Young Frankenstein(1974)
Young Frankenstein is a classical black and white film that will 100% get you in the Halloween mode. From classical actors to thrilling plot lines, this movie is a definite must-see.

8. The Addams Family(1991)
The Addams Family is packed with great characters and plots that will make you want to dress like anyone of the whole family for Halloween. Watching this one with friends is the best way to spend an October night.

If you want a true fright, watch this movie. It will totally get you into the fright side of Halloween.

10.It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!(1966)
This classical movie is perfect to watch if you’re in the mode for a light movie. Watch it with friends while carving pumpkins and stuffing your face with candy. It’s a classic movie filled with characters that everyone loves.

E.T is a movie you can watch anytime of year, but during the Halloween season is the best. This classic movie will go down in history.

Saw is another movie that will make you scream. I recommend not watching this one alone.

13.Ghost Busters(1984/2016)
Both versions of this movie will make you laugh and totally get you into a spooky vibe, while wishing that you were secretly a ghostbuster.

And just remember make sure you stay spooky this Halloween season!