Tips to Survive Branford High School

By Abby Boyle

Welcome to Branford High! We are almost done with our first month of school and this article is going out to all newcomers to the high school. By this time you probably have all the basics of high schools down. Like where your classes are, and how you don’t sit on the senior balcony¬†couches! But since high school is fairly new, here are some tips from a professional on how to survive your experience at Branford High.

Get involved


I know going to school isn’t always the best, but if you get involved in the school community like joining a club or team school will be a lot more enjoyable. There are great clubs out there like environmental club, student council, model congress, and so much more.

Don’t be afraid of upper classmen or seniors

They are just people and aren’t as big and scary as they look. They were once in your position just a few short years ago.

Ask question and ask for help

High School can be tough and work will get harder, so don’t be afraid to ask question from your teachers or friends. Email your teachers or ask to stay after. Most likely every teacher will be willing to help.

Try not to miss class


When you miss class you miss the work and it can always be hard to try to makeup all the work, so try to go to class. And a reminder that you only have 8 legal absences per semester and 3 tardies=1 absence. Just keep a mind out for how many absentees you have.


Remember that you only have 4 minute passing times


Just keep in mind of the time so you’re not tardy to your next class. Getting from the f-wing to the c-wing can be a little difficult in four minutes.


Dress for changing climates throughout the school


As the seasons are starting to change you are going to notice that one class might be humid and hot then your next class might be freezing, a tip would be to keep an extra sweatshirt in your locker just incase you get cold


Don’t over stress


School work will get hard, but don’t over stress yourself for a test or midterms or finals. When you stress yourself out it makes the whole situation worse. So just breath because it will all be ok.

Participate in school events


Branford high has many fun events like homecoming, or dressing up for halloween, or spirit week. Even though they might not look very fun they are actually a lot a fun. So don’t be nervous to go full out and join in on school wide events.


Challenge yourself


High school can be challenging but don’t be afraid to challenge yourself and try your hardest in your classes to get the best grade you can. And in future years don’t be afraid to take more challenging classes that interest you.


It’s ok to make mistakes


High school is tough and we all make mistakes, so don’t beat yourself up about one little mistake you make. We all forget our homework sometimes, or get in fights with friends but it will all work itself out. High school is high school and were all going through it together, so you’re not alone.