BHS Reacts To New President Trump: A Series of Photos

By Madeleine Mattson

With Donald Trump set to be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States of America today, the Buzz has looked back at the last three months at Branford High School since the contentious election. Below are a series of pictures and statements from BHS students reacting to the transfer of power.

From tears, to free hugs, to cheers of joy, the 2016 Presidential Election reflects just how diverse of a community BHS really is.


Some were indifferent about the whole thing…

“I really don’t care.” Ethan Mills, ’17.

Some joked through their frustration…

Sophia Smith, Alanna Grimm, and Sushraya Jay, ’17.


Julia Campanelli, ’19.


“I’m looking forward to becoming a heterosexual.” Ian Bergemann, ’17.

Some were confused…

Cole Chase-Beach, ’17.


“I really can’t believe this happened.” Maryam Yasir, ’19.

Some were overjoyed after the election…

“Trump! I love Trump!” Jon Ye, ’17.


“Excited for our Country’s future.” Stephen Cruz and Logan Distasio, ’18.

Others were deeply upset…

“Who? He’s irrelevant to my life.” Khayla Liburd ’21 “Trump may be our president but he does not truly control me.” Julian Clarke-Dixon ’21


“Not my president.” Sonny Reed, ’17.

So we plunge into the next four years uncertain: waiting to either change or confirm our initial impressions of our newest President. Despite our varied opinions, hopefully everyone at BHS can agree to hope for the best in our country.

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