Homecoming Proposals at their Finest

Maddy Rowe asked the “guy that has her eye,” Nick Rosario, to Homecoming.
Sarah Marsland asked Richie Loftis to the dance in this adorable way.

By Danni Dunlop

The Homecoming dance is one of the most important events you get to experience in high school: It’s a night full of fun spent with your most favorite people.

The dance is being held tonight from 7:00-10:00 p.m and is themed where “girls-ask-guys.”  The Sadie Hawkin’s theme was rediscovered four years ago at Branford High School; the theme gives girls a chance to twist things up and ask guys to be their dates in their own unique way.

When I was thinking of ways to ask a guy to homecoming, I looked up ways girls had asked guys to homecoming before.  While doing this I saw things like: throwing a football with the statement “Tackle homecoming with me,” poster-making with cute quotes, sticky-noting the guy’s car and even asking through food (my personal favorite.)  Nobody could deny that food is the key to everyone’s heart.

This whole week I saw on social media all the ways some of our own classmates asked guys to the dance and I picked out a couple that stood out to me.

As I talked to some of the girls who were brave enough to ask someone, a load of them said that they were nervous prior to asking.

Maddy Rowe, a Senior asked Nick Rosario to Homecoming with a poster that read “You’re the guy that has my eye. Now let’s fly at hoco.”  The thing that stood out to me about this proposal was the rhyme scheme.

There were also a couple brave souls who weren’t nervous to ask at all.

Sarah Marsland, a junior asked her good friend, Richie Loftis to the dance in Spanish class.

“I wasn’t nervous because we all kind of know each other and get along in that class, so it wouldn’t of been too embarrassing if he said no,” said Sarah.

Homecoming tickets continue to be on sale today during lunch waves and also at the door for 7 dollars.  Seniors are always free, of course!