Virtual High School- Independence for High School Students

Visit the Virtual High School Site to learn more.
Visit the Virtual High School Site to learn more.

By: Jackson Mariotti

In 2006,  Branford High School did something they had never done before: they started offering classes online. Through the Virtual High School, students are able to take classes they can access at home or wherever there is a computer. From AP courses to “Shakespeare in Films”, VHS offers a unique wide variety of classes.

Mrs Baker, 11th grade English teacher thinks this is wonderful. “I think its exciting to offer small groups of kids special courses that we wouldnt be able to offer.” She said, “It makes learning exciting.”

Now, six years later, the program is still around and thriving. It is easy and convenient but there is a downside to taking a class online. Since it is online, you will not know anyone else in the class and communication can be difficult at times. VHS is working hard to improve this problem, and the teacher of each class is very accessible. It is a class for strongly self-motivated people, because it is your responsibility to sign in everyday and get all your work done on time. It is seemingly the future of high school, and one day it might take a bigger role in our school’s curriculum.