Teacher Feature: New Math Teacher Didn’t Enjoy Math in High School

Math Teacher Mr. Elsden, left, admits he never liked math in high school. Now he works hard to help his students learn. Photo credit: Kathryn Cooke.

By Maria Quagliano

New math teacher Mr. Elsden has joined the Branford High School community and is liking it more and more everyday he said.

Elsden, who teaches geometry honors and algebra 2 block, said he was inspired to become a math teacher by a “great group of math teachers” he had in college. He also wanted a career where he could help people.

Surprisingly he did not enjoy high school math when he was in high school and did not realize he wanted to become a teacher until he reached college. Mr Elsden attended Western Connecticut State University and said he was surrounded “by math teachers that brought out the best in him.”

After college, he began teaching as a seventh grade teacher at Killingly Elementary School but now admits that he enjoys teaching at a high school level better.

While being a part of this new environment he said he “has a great group of students and that the school has a fantastic community.”

Mr. Elsden is one of two new math teachers at Branford High School this year. To see The Buzz’s feature on Mr. Roberts, click here.