Super-Size Me: Senior Day Edition

The Girls Swim Team senior day was considered by many as one of the most astounding senior days, alongside girls soccer and field hockey.
The Girls Swim Team senior day was considered by many as one of the most astounding senior days, alongside girls soccer and field hockey.

By Gina Marino

Each sports season, the time comes to honor the seniors in their final year, with what appears to be bigger and bolder “Senior Days.”

Seniors at BHS have noticed that this year in particular marks some of the most elaborate Senior Days since their freshman year. The celebrations seem to be getting bigger and bigger each season.

Pat Laske, a senior, said that “each year they try to top the year before, as well as other teams. It’s almost turned into somewhat of a competition.”

However, BHS Principal Mr. Panagoulias said some of the senior day celebrations are an example of “a tradition being pushed to excess.”

Panagoulias asks that students all in all respect the Senior Day that is going on, take responsibility for the event, as well as the people involved. However, Mr. Panagoulias wrote a letter to the Booster Club saying, “I was approached by far too many parents and students this year, with stories of hour set ups on the balcony, $10-15 food/drink gifts, and $50-100 gifts and projects expected.”

Senior Day marks the last home game, meet, competition etc. for the seniors of the team. This day is all about seniors from 7:25 am when they walk into school until the minute they step in the door of their home at night. For the Juniors and underclassmen of the team, it’s a day to honor seniors and put together a day made for them.

Junior Nicole Carrano said,“Putting together a senior day is a lot of work, but at the end of the day we want the seniors to have a memorable year, and give them something to look back on, so why not go all out?” In reality, the Seniors were once the ones putting the Senior Day together, so now they want it in return. “It felt good to have such a nice Senior Day after putting it together for the past three years!”, said senior swim team captain Lauren Rasile.

Senior Days can get pretty elaborate, and behind all the madness are rules that the teams must follow when putting together their Senior Day.

Senior Meghan Cacace said the usage of added extras such as balloons, glitter, etc. are not allowed on Senior Days in regards to the cleanup process. At BHS, the deal is if a team decorates for Senior Day, they clean up after Senior Day.

Despite the efforts being made to ensure a smooth running Senior Day, many will have noticed that the rules are slowly slipping away.

“We want to respect the school as much as possible, but at the same time we also want our seniors to have a great looking Senior Day, even if it gets a little messy,” said Junior Holly Parker.

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