Senior Year: Lucky Enough to Avoid the College Application Stress

With college application deadlines approaching, April Simmons is fortunate enough to not have that stress. Here she signs her letter of intent to play lacrosse at Wagner College. Photo submitted by April Simmons.

By Angela Pascale

As senior year begins, a student’s life becomes extremely stressful from college applications, Capstone essays, and much more.

Senior April Simmons, 17, has a lot less stress on her plate these days. April plays lacrosse for BHS but also for other travel teams, where she was noticed earlier this year by Wagner College. They contacted her July 1st, the first day college reps are allowed to contact athletes, and asked her to come up for a visit. This soon led to her verbally committing to the school for lacrosse.

For many seniors senior year is extremely stressful until they get the letter in the mail that they are accepted. This is the time of year is when stress over college applications starts to hit. April Simmons is one of the few students in BHS who is lucky enough to avoid that stress.

April worked so hard for her goals and she has reached them by being able to be committed to a school for a sport she loves before her senior year even began. “Words can’t explain how excited I am to start this new chapter in my life and how less stressed I am that I am one of the very few who is certain on how their future will be,” she said.

“I love how I am already committed to a school that I love,” she said. April said that her year and classes are definitely a pleasure for her considering she doesn’t have much to worry about as long as she maintains good grades.

April not only is an appealing person overall, but her skills on the field make her very appealing to Wagner. Even though Wagner was very enthused with the fact that April was about to be a captain for the upcoming  fall, winter, and spring sport seasons, they are also very impressed with her academics. April took many advanced courses over her high school years and got many outstanding grades. Also, to add to the many qualities that make April very well rounded,  her friends and teachers say she has a kind heart and is always able to put a smile on your face.

April stated, “I am excited to live in a dorm and meet new people and be involved with a team.” She is ready to move on to big things but is still ready to have a fun senior year. April feels she will be successful in college and will work her hardest to maintain good grades while playing for the lacrosse team.

April’s path is already all figured out for her and she is just beginning on the amazing journey of a new lifestyle.

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