Lifetime and Personal Fitness Classes Grow Stronger

Mrs. Stackpole directs a recent lifetime fitness class on the turf field. Photo credit: Kathryn Cooke.
Mrs. Stackpole directs a stretching exercise during recent lifetime fitness class on the turf field. Photo credit: Kathryn Cooke.

By Justin Veilleux

The lifetime and personal fitness classes both have grown recently as they offer an alternative for students to take instead of a regular physical education class.

Lifetime Fitness is a class where students do numerous activities to help them with their physical strength and their mental strength. The class started 3 years ago.

“The goal is to introduce students to activities like training, yoga, zumba, and others,” said Mrs. Stackpole, who is a health and lifetime teacher. “[Lifetime has] progressed well and it grew to more kids and I see the results.”

Personal fitness is a class where the students do variety of activities of personal exercises. The class started last year as a pilot, but now it is an actual class. Mr. Tracy, who is a health and physical education teacher, said “The class does strength training, cardiac-vascular training, flexibility, and through the training we are looking to improve stamina, speed, power, and agility.”

“Working out makes me feel good and it is a good stress reliever,” Dan Jakubiak, a senior who is in the personal fitness class, said. According to Dan, he definitely got in better shape now than he did when he started the class.

Stackpole said,” The kids now want to be here and they are learning a lot.” Stackpole went on to explain that when the program was fist introduced, students were hesitant to the class, but now, students seem eager to come to Lifetime.

According to Sophia Gentile, a junior, who is in the lifetime fitness class, the best thing she has gotten out of the class is a sense of endurance and wanting her to do even more. She also explained that she is not in better shape than she was when she started, but she is aware of it.

“I enjoy lifetime and you learn skills which you can use in everyday life,” she said.

Tracy explained that they learn the proper way of Olympic weights and they also learn the significance of constantly changing their workout habits to get their results.” The progress has been great and I think the interest has grown,” he said.

Hailey Nelson, a BHS student, who is in the lifetime fitness class explained that the best thing she has gained from this class is a new knowledge of all different workouts and it is nice that the school has alternative gym classes. According to Hailey, she loves the class and she feels as though she is in more shape now than when she started the class.

The growth of the lifetime fitness class seems to be improving over the years with more kids attending the class. Stackpole said. “Most classes are 20-40 kids and there are four sessions of it.”

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