Home Coming Back: A Look Into Homecoming 2013

Megan Ferraro, a senior, asked her boyfriend to Homecoming in a special way.. I guess she "wing-ed" it.
Megan Ferraro, a senior, asked her boyfriend to Homecoming in a special way.. I guess she “wing-ed” it.

By Shradha Shrestha

This year, Branford High School will hold a homecoming dance – with a catchy twist – to introduce spirit week.

For many years, BHS hasn’t had any homecoming event besides powder-puff to increase school spirit. However, this fall seems to be turning out quite different. The dance will take place in the big gym on November 15th from 7:30 pm-10: 30 pm.

Unlike homecoming dances in the past, this year’s edition has been quite the talk of the BHS student body. This year, girls have to ask boys to the dance.

Sophie Bysiewicz, co-president of Student Council, along with Griffin Sandler began planning this dance because they wanted to “bring back homecoming like it was in the past.”

“Over the years it has lost a lot of success and we thought we could revitalize it,” she said. Bysiewicz also adds that she came up with the Sadie Hawkins theme because everyone else was excited about “prom-posals” so she wanted girls to have a chance to ask.

On November 6th,  student council took nominations for homecoming queen and king from the seniors. The people who do come to the dance will also be able to vote.

“Most of the feedback we’ve gotten is positive. It looks like we will get a large crowd,” said Bysiewicz.

Some of the students at BHS seem to agree. Brittaney Nwagboli, a junior, said, “I’m very excited and I look forward to the night. I hope they have good music and everyone’s in an upbeat mood.” Not everyone is a huge fan of Sadie Hawkins theme, including a sophomore who stated “I think that it was a good idea to change the normal tradition but at the same time, I wasn’t too pleased with the idea.”

So far, dances at BHS, besides prom, haven’t had great turnouts, however many students seem to think homecoming this year will be a success. Marissa Antonino, sophomore, shares, “The seniors this year are making a big deal about it but also I think it’s the Sadie Hawkins theme that makes people want to attend.”

All grades are welcome. Seniors have free admission while the rest have to pay $5 in advance or $8 at door.

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