BHS Gearing Up for Veterans Day

Some of the few World War II survivors will be hosted at veterans day; be sure to attend.

By Kyle Kenney

November 11th has been more than just a typical school day at BHS, it is a day that the school community takes to honor and remember all of the veterans who have served our nation.

For the last five or so years, the BHS community has made it a priority to spend Veterans day learning the stories and tales from the local Veterans. On Monday November 11th, BHS will be hosting an assembly and smaller gatherings with Veterans for the students and staff of BHS to hear from them and also get an understanding of the importance of the day.

“It’s a day to honor all of those who were never appreciated and recognized for all of they have done for us and our country,” said BHS teacher David Gruendel who served our country 14 years. Gruendel spent 3 years in active army infantry, 8 years as police officer in Air National Guard, and then his last 3 years as an instructor in the Air National Guard.

All other schools in Connecticut no longer have Veterans Day off, but BHS is one of the handful of schools to host such events to honor the Veterans. It is a very special occasion to the BHS community for all of the staff who have served, but also for former students who chose to go into the military.

To start the day, there will be an all school assembly in the auditorium from 9-9:30 to introduce all the veterans and also to get an understanding of what veterans day is. After that, during periods 3,4,5, and 6 in the auditorium, and the D-Wing Horizons classrooms, there will be small gatherings held by the veterans to share their experiences, memories, and knowledge of American history.

The veterans will be in classrooms according to the War they served in. All of the veterans for WWII will be in one class and all the veterans of the Vietnam war will be in another room. Students will have opportunities to meet the Veterans individually, ask questions, and hear what life lessons they have to teach through their stories of life out of the United States.

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