Spring Break In Spain Awaits BHS Choir

The BHS Choir performing The Prayer Cycle at Woolsey Hall on April 28th, 2013. Photo Credit: Greg Nobile
The BHS Choir performing The Prayer Cycle at Woolsey Hall on April 28th, 2013. Photo Credit: Greg Nobile

By Shradha Shrestha 

It is only November, but Branford High School choir students are preparing for the trip to Spain on April Break 2014 by holding fundraisers, planning future concerts, and, of course, rehearsing.

This upcoming year, Choir Teacher Mrs. Roding and her 90 choir students along with few more adults, will be spending seven days in Spain plus two extra days for travel.  On April 10, 2014, they depart from New York on an overnight flight and return to the U.S on April 17.

Roding said that it has been a nice experience in the past and she’s looking forward to this year’s trip. Along with performances at venues, the choir will do street performances, for sure, she said.

One of the big issues of the trip for many students and families is money. The cost to students for this trip is about $3,100. Mrs. Roding has confirmed that there will be upcoming concerts and the BHS choir holiday CD sung by the students to help pay for this trip. Some students are also doing their own fundraisers to help pay for the trip.

“I’m a little nervous about not having enough money while I’m there,” a sophomore singer, Matilda Kreider,said. “But I know Mrs. Roding does a great job with these trips and there’s nothing to worry about. My parents have a savings account for me and used money from it to pay for the trip.”

Alla Miller, a junior, adds that she has a part-time job and  pitches in to pay for the trip along with her parents.

Besides the money, BHS choir students have also expressed their feelings toward the trip. Some have said they’re looking forward to the culture, food and different places. Sophomore Remi Steinhardt said she is looking  forward to singing the songs, exploring Spain and its culture.

“I don’t have to worry about money, but I am doing fundraising. I’m probably most nervous about not being able to speak Spanish,” Maddie McGann, a sophomore said.

The students in the choir are also preparing for the performances they expect to do in Spain. Some of their past performances include the Prayer Cycle, which is a choral/orchestral album by composer Jonathan Elias. Branford High School choir is the first to ever perform it live in the US and it took place in Woolsey Hall, New Haven last year.

The BHS choir practiced for months to put together and perform. Jonathan Elias and his family especially traveled all the way from California to be a part of it. As with previous performances like Prayer Cycle, the BHS choir will once again start to practice and construct performances across the Atlantic Ocean.