A Senior’s Take: Reaching The Final Steps Of High School

Michela Hobbs, in red, second from right, posing with the 3 other field hockey captains on Senior Day. From left, Jessie Severino, Jenny Royka and Natalie Grimm.
Michaela Hobbs, in red, second from right, posing with the other 3 field hockey captains on Senior Day. Field Hockey is one of many activities Michaela balances. From left, Jessie Severino, Jenny Royka and Natalie Grimm. Photo Credits:Morgan Reed

By Shradha Shrestha  

Senior Michaela Hobbs, who is preparing to say goodbye to high school, is used to being busy. So a recent injury did little to slow her down.

Hobbs, 17, field hockey captain, music and honors student, injured herself during a varsity game on the BHS field against Guilford. So far, this is the second injury of the field hockey season. She describes the injury as frustrating and a struggle.

Like many BHS seniors, Michaela is balancing the demands of schoolwork, extra-curricular activities, and simply enjoying her last months in high school. Michaela has faced her own set of challenges as she works on finishing up her high school years.

Her recent injury caused problems for her to be independent, especially because she needed help getting around due to the crutches. Since she is used to “nonstop action,” it is difficult to focus on rest and relaxation for the injury.

Michaela first started field hockey as a freshmen and everything she has learned about the sport were taught from the coaches, Cathy and John McGuirk.  Being a captain can be a challenging job especially with a team to keep focused and motivated. Just like Field Hockey, Hobbs feels the same way about being a senior.  She adds, “there are a lot of expectations as a senior.”

Michaela Hobbs has participated in the musical for past high school years, Interact Club for 3 years, Model Congress for 3 years and Peer Mentors for a year. As a freshman, she remembers coming into a high school filled with opportunities. She mentions how surprised she was on the amount of freedom BHS gave.

“I am very conscientious and driven,” she admitted. Michaela pushes for as much organization as possible in her life.  She also includes, “ My calendar is ridiculous with sticky notes and pencil marks everywhere. It’s definitely a challenge keeping up with my course load but I push myself because it will all be worth it in the end.”

She is inspired by her parents, her siblings Nicole and Jaryd.  In her case, dance has highly affected on who she is. “It was my way to first express myself and it allowed me to grow into the person I am today,” she said. Her “crazy organization” has also been a huge help with being a captain. Not only her drive is applied to school but also to athletics since it is her personal like to be physically fit.

In a way, BHS has been a great experience and an eye opener to get more involved in.“Whether it’s through clubs, sports, or volunteer opportunities, BHS has it all,” she said.  Some of the memories Michaela made were through the musicals and field hockey. “High School was an amazing time for me because of the friendships I made and they’re friendships that’ll last a lifetime.”

Her plans after graduating includes college, being involved in music and field hockey. “I’m excited to leave BHS and be on my own. It also makes me nervous being on my own, having to make new friends and really put myself out there but I’m looking forward to it,” Hobbs said.

As for the rest of 2014’s graduating class, Michaela thanks for all the memories and wishes best of luck to everyone. To everyone else in BHS, “ take advantage of all the opportunities you are offered. Whether it’s making a new friend, joining a club, or going to a football game. Just do it. You’ll make more memories than you know, and it’ll all be worth it in the end.”

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