Teacher Feature: Ms. Vitelli Joins BHS Science Department

By Faythe Ventresca

Ms. Vitelli takes a break after one of her science classes. Photo credit: Kathryn Cook.

Starting a new job can be overwhelming and scary, but one of Branford High’s new teacher is on the right track.

One of the school’s newest teachers – Sarah Vitelli – is a BHS graduate who was hired this year to teach science.

Her love for this subject started back into her freshman year of high school. She knew right away that she wanted to major in science; specifically to research viruses.

Ms. Vitelli majored in biology at UCONN. After attending classes and labs, she found out that research isn’t actually what she wanted to do. She really enjoys human interacting, and being in laboratories did not have that interaction she wants.

Ms. Vitelli mentioned how she wanted to “share her passion with others” and she really cared about doing so. With this said, she stuck with a biology major but decided to do something other than research.

Ms. Vitelli teaches three core classes; Exploratory Science, Biology, and Anatomy and Physiology. Since Ms. Vitelli attended BHS herself, and she took anatomy, she was familiar with the subject, but needed more information to allow her to teach her students.

Before the school year started, she did a lot of preparation and talked with other teachers. She gathered all the textbooks that she needed, and took her own notes; along with research using youtube videos and googling information.

Ms. Vitelli said she enjoys teaching the high school level. Even though she also loves teaching younger students, “they’re exhausting” so she prefers teaching high school because it’s easy to connect with teenagers.

Along with enjoying teaching teenagers, Ms. Vitelli enjoys the environment of the high school. “I love it. I love being back and all the teachers are so supportive and helpful. I love it here.”… Vitelli said.

Editor’s Note: This is part of an ongoing profile series on the new teachers and staff at BHS for the 2013-14 school year. What do you think of the new teachers at BHS?