What’s that Noise Coming from the Bathrooms?

The newly-installed hand driers in BHS bathrooms are making some noise.
The newly-installed hand driers in BHS bathrooms are making some noise. Photo credit: Gina Marino.

By Angela Pascale and Gina Marino

The new hand dryers that were put into the bathrooms over the summer are causing a lot of chatter in the school community.

They may just be hand dryers, but they came in making quite the statement. There have been many opinions circulating, regarding the new addition. Principal Lee Panagoulias said, “the hand dryers are more environmentally friendly and also reduce the custodial hours necessary to clean the restrooms.”

Several students had a different outlook. Complaints from the students consisted of the hand dryers being “too loud, take too long, and even unsanitary.”

“I think they are unnecessary and the paper towels were much easier because they aren’t loud, and I do not believe they are sanitary”, says student Jessie Pantani. The students believe they are unsanitary because the air is being taken from inside the bathroom. This air is believed to be dirty or not clean because it is in the bathroom.

Some of the other talk consists of how loud the dryers are. Both teachers and students say they can be heard from any of the nearby classrooms.

Student Connor Stratton said, “they take too long to dry your hands, which causes you to be late to class. Believe it or not, I have actually gotten tardies, and gotten yelled at just for washing my hands!”

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