Home Coming Comeback

By: Jackson Mariotti

The best moments in high school are when the school is in unity. Whether it is when everyone is cheering in the fan section of the hockey games or laughing at the Cross Country’s version of Wrecking Ball, school unity and spirit are important.

That is why this year BHS is continuing on the tradition of Spirit Week and bringing back Homecoming. The week before Thanksgiving beginning the 18th, is Spirit Week. Just as a quick memo for all the freshman and new students, Spirit Week is one week during the school year where everyone dresses up and shows their school pride. Each day is a theme, ranging from colors to Hawaiian apparel day. It is a great way to show off your school spirit and raise morale.

This year BHS is going to have a homecoming dance. It is going to be November 15th, and will be available for all grades. The theme of the dance will be 1950’s. Also, it is going to be Sadie Hawking style, where the girls ask the guys.

 School spirits are going to be high the week of the 18th. It is a fun activity to remove yourself from the monotonous hours of the school day.

To quote a junior in our school, “That week will be great! I can’t wait.” Be sure to enjoy!