Fall Pep Rally: marvels and excitement

By Branford Buzz Staff

Branford High School held their annual fall pep rally Friday morning. From standard team chants to outrageous performances by the athletes, there were many surprises for the students and staff who filled the commons.

Fall teams consisted of girls swimming and diving, boys and girls cross country, boys and girls soccer, girls volleyball, cheer leading, and football.

“It was well organized, had a lot of enthusiasm, the crowds seemed much more involved than in previous years,” Horizons teacher Chuck Reale said. ” I gotta say, I noticed quite a boost in school spirit this year.”

The Prep Rally began when the Cross Country team came out with their own performance of Miley Cyrus’ hit single“Wrecking Ball.” In the next act, the volleyball team performed an entertaining dance followed by some comical chaos. The boys soccer team followed up with their own interpretation of the “Lion King,” and finally, the girls swim team made a splash with their version of the Norwegian internet hit song “What Does the Fox Say?”

Twitter was booming with tweets  using the hash tag #BHSpeprally. The most popular tweets, praising the Cross Country team, read “Cross country was definitely the best #BHSpeprally” and “#BHSpeprally cross country wins the contest”.

“I’m glad they utilized the modern and current fads and trends to get people pumped,” Junior Elise Ryan said. ” Wrecking ball itself blew the other pep rallies out of the water for me.”

“Wrecking ball was by far the funniest and had the largest impact on the crowd,” Senior Paige Machnicz said.

Another interesting aspect of the pep rally is Branford High’s School’s new mascot costume. Principal Lee Panagoulious announced that Mr. Polemeni was in the costume, but it turns out that faculty and students found Mr. Polemeni watching the pep rally from the balcony. Nobody seems to be sure who was actually in the costume but a tweet was found saying “Oh and for anyone wondering that was Briganti in the hornet costume…#BHSpeprally”.

Buzz Writers Angela Pascale, Gina Marino, Kyle Kenney, and Ben Perlmutter contributed to this report.

Miley Cyrus' hit single "Wrecking Ball" performed by the Cross Country team
Miley Cyrus’ hit single “Wrecking Ball” performed by the Cross Country team
Cheerleaders Involving the Crowd
Cheerleaders Involving the Crowd
Field Hockey Team Performing "Cups" at the start of their skit
Field Hockey Team Performing “Cups” at the start of their skit
The new Banford Hornet, whose occupant still remains unknown
The new Branford Hornet, whose occupant still remains unknown
Boys Soccer and their rendition of the Lion King
Boys Soccer and their rendition of the Lion King
Girls Soccer “rocking out” as the Cheetah Girls


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