Greetings from the Editor

Branford High School Student Commons
Branford High School Student Commons

 By: Sam Bailey-Loomis

Welcome back BHS! On behalf of the Buzz, we hope you all had a fantastic summer, although it was terribly short. Just as everyone else is planning their schedules, so are we, and we have a lot of great things in store for you all this year.

For freshman or those of you who don’t know, the Buzz is a student run newspaper who reports on school events, happenings, sports and more consistently throughout the year. The Buzz is planning to introduce all aspects of modern journalism into our publications including photography, video production, and interactive materials that encourage students to get involved.

We’re looking for students of any high school grade to join our staff. Positions available include, but are not limited to, photographers, designers, journalists, and videographers. We’re open to all members, all ideas, and all suggestions of any kind.

Make sure to keep in touch with the Buzz this year through all your social media outlets including Twitter, Facebook, and more soon to come for exclusive updates and stories from around the school. Let us know what you think whenever, wherever!

Just as a quick side note, we will be having our first official meeting on Sept. 11th at 2:30 after school in the media center above the library.

We hope you have a fantastic school year, and expect to see us around and hear from us often. Good luck everyone! Break a leg!