2013 Yearbook: Behind the Pages

Photo credit: Kelly Du
Photo credit: Kelly Du

by Kelly Du

The yearbooks have been distributed and everyone is rushing to sign each other’s books. While many are looking at all the colorful pages inside, this year’s cover is getting some noticed attention.

In a nice surprise, senior Vinny Roca painted the cover art. Roca was asked at the end of last year by art teacher Madelyn Paskiewicz to paint something for the yearbook. He was given simple instruction to paint something with footprints in the sand. With that idea in mind, this year’s yearbook cover was made using acrylics on a 2×3 feet canvas.

“The entire process took me about a month to complete, starting with coming up with all of the ideas to actually painting it,” said Roca.

Along with the buzz surrounding the cover, some juniors were dismayed to see that their school pictures weren’t included with the rest of their class. The pictures ended with the last names starting with “Ve,” and didn’t include those that started with W, X, Y, or Z.

“We had all the pictures of everyone, but for some reason the yearbook company didn’t provide enough squares for space and the pictures didn’t roll over,” said yearbook advisor Mindy Baker.

As a solution, an extra page of the remaining student pictures will be given to the affected 5 students that bought a yearbook to put in, and an additional 30 copies will be made for their friends to use as well.

So now that the school year is coming to an end, what will you leave behind?