Mr. BHS a success as Pelazza earns top title

BHS stock photo 2
Hundreds of students filled the school recently to watch senior Justin Pelazza win the title of Mr. BHS in the 7th annual competition.

On Friday, the students of Branford High School were flushed with excitement about the subsequent hours. Looking forward to the event for years, the students of BHS were elated about the much anticipated Mr. BHS competition.

After preparing for months in advance, Mrs. Lucibello, an English teacher at BHS, who assumes the role of advisor for the Interact club and her members from Interact- with an affiliation to the Rotary Club- are the accomplices who made the spectacular of Mr. BHS happen.

Being a chief part of the student life at BHS, this competition has run annually for 7 years-excluding last year due to Lucibello’s pregnancy and delivery of her son. Each year, the proceeds from Mr. BHS are donated to a specific cause or reputable charity, this year being Aide Our Nation’s Veterans and Camdyn’s Fund.

Four juniors and three seniors prepared to exhibit their skills and show the student body of BHS and others who they are and “what they’ve got.” Lucibello, commenting on what to expect Friday night went on to detail that “[Mr. BHS this year] is a fabulous showing of national pride and school spirit” and went on to hint that “unique things are planned” that have “never before been seen.”

Kellee Lear, a junior at BHS, who played a vital role in the production, also a member of the BHS interact club, commented that “Mr. BHS entailed a lot of work from the very start. But the guys were really easy and fun to work with which made my job easier!”

At 7pm, the auditorium hosted a full house. There was excessive chatter and excitement from the crowd, waiting with eagerness for the performance to begin. Finally, after much anticipation, Lucibello and accompanists opened the show with a feature of “Livin’ in America.” Shortly after, James Integlia, a senior, along with Greg Noble, BHS alumni, appeared as the hosts of the night surely validating the phrase “dynamic duo.”

The first act was performed by Jack Bishop, a junior, posing as an agent in a suit saving a girl in distress, but suddenly the tides tuned and the act transitioned from a toy gun showdown to a lightsaber duel, and concluded his act by leaving the stage- with a lady on both arms. Jack then came out with his canine escort, and later revealed his alter-ego of a back-street boy.

A dragon appears on the stage, a fight scene followed, and Kevin Do, also a junior, runs to the rescue and defeats the villans with a single push. He is later escorted onto the stage by the infamous Dr. Chen, both men in lab coats and goggles- this surely ignited cheer in the crowd. Do later showed off his tap dancing skills with some friends in a racy, tight fitted, tasseled number.

Rob Hardy, the third junior in the show, revealed himself through his own rendition of Scooby Doo. After being chased by villans and monsters, the “gang” crowded around a certain figure, and pulled the mask off revealing James Integlia as the villan. Rob was then escorted out onto stage with Ms. Grehl. He then performed a sentimental piece by Ed Sheeran, a popular acoustic musician, and dedicated the song to his own special girl in the crowd.

Called “vine famous”, Justin Pelazza, a senior, galloped onto the stage in a cheerleader outfit with his well known blonde wig. Accompanied by cheerleaders, Pelazza danced, sung, and aroused the crowd to the tune of “Mickey” and established a finale by doing a grand flip. Pelazza was escorted by his most adorable little brother in matching suits with black converse. He then sang a bit of the tune “Closing Time”, then was challenged by two fellow seniors to a hot dog eating contest, which he, obviously, won.

Jason Pierre-Louis rode to the stage with a sweet set of tricycle wheels, sporting a very patriotic helmet. A group of thieves got the best of him and managed to steal his bike, however justice prevailed and Jason managed to retrieve his tricycle with much glory. He was later escorted by his girlfriend. His talent was later singing the lead to a new song by Daft Punk accompanied by his own band, Neighbor Dog.

Starting out as what seemed like a beautiful ballad, Kevin Ricciardi wore an extremely form fitting lady bug costume–wand and wings included. Ricciardi was originally escorted by a fellow senior, but was then taken away by a group of hoodlums, beaten up, and carried onto the stage by Connor Miniter, an alumni. He returned to the stage later in the night singing an opera piece…in his boxers.

Narrated by “Planet Earth,” two birds exchanged interactions, had relations, and Vinny Roca, the baby bird was delivered by a stork to its parents. The act was intriguing, and frankly hilarious, as the crowd bursted with laughter. Vinny was escorted by a female classmate from BHS. Roca later awe struck the crowd when he painted a portrait of Marilyn Monroe in under 7 minutes.

All of the boys sported the “America” themed outfits, along with cowboy hats, and danced to a musical number together before the top 3 were announced. Integlia and Noble announced the top three finalists: Roca, Ricciardi, and Pelazza. The question and answer portion of the competition, following the announcement of the top 3, entailed those of the nature of “Who was your favorite elementary school teacher and why?”, “What are the three things you would change about BHS?,” “How do you suggest I propose to my girlfriend? and “What was your favorite childhood memory?”

The decision was made, the results were in, and Mr. BHS 2013 was chosen. Roca was awarded 3rd, Ricciardi 2nd, and Pelazza as the grand title of Mr. BHS 2013.  Pelazza was then given a very patriotic, flashing hat, and the night came to an end as exhilarated students filed out of the auditorium with a smile on every face.