Prom 2013 is Almost Here

by Kelly Du

It’s officially time for prom! Whip out your masks because this year’s theme is Masquerade. While in the past the themes weren’t as well known, the goal was to do something that was interesting and memorable. This includes receiving a complimentary mask that will be used as the prom ticket.

“We wanted the prom to have simplicity and to be elegant and unique. A Masquerade has never been done before,” said Pompeo Mazzella.

The color scheme inside the venue will be classic, and the theme will come alive as the students show off their masks.

And in a new twist this year, Branford High School is bringing back the voting of a Prom King and Queen. Voting will occur during lunch, and the winners will be revealed at the end of prom night.  Prom King Nominations are Sean Reilly, James Integlia, Cam Backes, Pat Day, and Uli Pino.  The Prom Queen Nominations are Kelly Smith, Laura Peterson, Laura Carrano, Ali Vaughn, and Natalia Verderame.

Prom 2013 is happening on May 17th at 7:00 PM at the Omni Hotel in New Haven. Buy your tickets now during lunch because the last day they’ll be sold is this Wednesday, May 8, 2013! Tickets are $55 for seniors and juniors and $65 for all other guests including underclassmen.