Hypnosis Show Put on by Junior Class

Hypnotist Steve Wronker entertained the BHS community recently.

By Marisa Kaplita


Why spend $11.00 on a movie ticket when you could have gotten high quality entertainment for four dollars less?  The junior class’ February 7th fundraiser that featured Steve Wronker Funny Business was not only a success at raising money, but it kept the whole audience roaring with laughter.

Students watched on as over a dozen classmates were set in a trance, and were at the command of Wronker like a set of puppets.  The audience cheered as the students on stage played the air guitar, conducted an orchestra, made body builder poses and listened to music coming from their shoe.  And the laughter increased as the kids mimicked washing machines, Hula danced and pretended to watch movies that brought them on a roller coaster of emotions.

But don’t worry, if you missed anything, all the highlights are on Steve Wronker’s Facebook page, so make sure you check it out.

Watching from the audience it is unsure whether what we were seeing was real or just acting, so when the students came off the stage they were flooded with questions by curious audience members.

When the students were asked what their experience was like, this is what they had to say.

“[Being hypnotized] is not what you think.” said Kaity Robbins, who just got off stage,” I understood what was going on but I still couldn’t stop myself from doing it.”

“First off hypnotizing is a real thing,” Kevin Do, junior explained,” it’s only a matter of if the participant is willing to be hypnotized like [Wronker] said. He talks about breathing deeply which was a huge part in getting hypnotized. When I was hypnotized I felt like my whole body was numb.”  And just like Kaity, Kevin states, “I was self-conscious at the time, like I knew what I was doing but I could not stop it. It just happened.”

When Ms. Sauer and Mrs Whitcher heard about Wronker last year, the officers were very eager to put on the show ever since.

A lot of time and effort went into the production of this show even before the show began; Sophie Bysieicz, junior, said, “The junior class officers, Grifin Sandler, Kevin Do, April Simmons, Anna Atkinson, Saral Shrestha and myself organized the event and went to local business for ads. The ads made up the cost of [paying for Wronker] coming and then some.”  All the proceeds raised will go towards lowering the cost of the yearbook and prom tickets for the junior class.

Hopefully the success of this fundraiser will spread and the Class Officers will continue to keep it up and do some more shows throughout the year.  Sophie, Junior Treasurer, said  “I think a lot of people enjoyed it and overall it was successful! We hope to make this a tradition that will continue to grow!”

The sponsors of the event were:

Branford Police Department

Essence Nail and Spa

Eddie’s Pizza Restaurant and Fine Italian Cuisine

EPIC Hair Salon

Felicia Pascarella Photography

Taken For Granite

Yooki Yama Japanese Restaurant

Salon Massimo

Ben and Jerry’s


Martin A. Adamo CPA P.C. Taxes, Investments, Insurance, Planning

Just Smiles Dental

Tile Contractors

JB Sports Event Management

K and G Graphics

RBS Law Attorney Robin Bruce Sandler

Parthenon Diner

Polished Boutique

The Thimbleberry

European Specialists

Stony Creek Market

New England Wealth Management Group

Fired Up!

Lucy Tailors and Lucy’s Closet



Salon Refuge

Real Estate Diagnostics Incorporated

Glitter Girls Shop

Pat DeMaio Jr. Attorney at Law