How to Make the Most of this Blizzard

by Marisa Kaplita Editor-In-Chief

Make the most of this day off. This day is a gift so don’t spend it all day on the couch.

Set your alarm clock early so you don’t spend the whole day asleep or in that awkward half asleep mood.  Do a quick workout by watching videos on YouTube because you won’t be able to leave for the gym, and take a shower and dress into something other than your pajamas.  A day spent entirely in sweats is one that will never prove to be productive.

Now, since you can’t leave your house, this is the perfect opportunity to get some stuff done.  Start with your closet–go through all your things, get rid of any old, too small, or out of style clothes, and throw everything into a bag to be put into the Goodwill drop off box later in the week.  This is the perfect time to make room in your closet because stores will be coming out with spring sales within the next month.

If you are a junior, this is a great time to do some SAT work. Just go through one of the sections in your book for 45 minutes or do a few sections on a practice test.  Don’t spend your whole day studying, but don’t waste this opportunity either.

Also, use this time to make calls to your older, distant family members that you try to avoid talking to because you run out of things to say after “I’m good, how about you?” But with a blizzard like this, it gives you at least six minutes of good material, and they will be completely delighted that you called to make sure they were prepared for the storm!

After lunch make yourself a snow treat. Boil some maple syrup and pour it into the snow outside your house to make taffy.  This is especially fun to do with younger siblings and it tastes amazing.

You can use the afternoon to finish a long lost project that was started in the summer or to work on a hobby like painting, sewing, or scrapbooking.

You can also use this as an opportunity to make some extra cash this weekend.  Call all your neighbors up and ask to shovel their sidewalks or brush off their cars on Saturday morning when the snow stops.  Make the calls Friday and you won’t have to go door to door the next morning.

Once it starts getting dark, hopefully everyone will still have their power. If not, set up the fire–MAKE SURE SOMEONE IS WATCHING OVER IT AT ALL TIMES– get out the board games, cards, marshmallows, books, and blankets and set up camp in the family room.

After having experienced multiple power outages in the last two years, not having power is less of a scary thought, so find a way to enjoy it this time around.

Above all, make sure you stay safe and do not try and leave your house if there is a blizzard. The roads will be dangerous to drive in and it’s just not worth it.

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