Tweak of Law Means Small Changes in School Lunches

Write caption here.....Photo by James Integlia.
There are still more changes in store for school lunches. Photo by James Integlia.

By: Kelsey Austin & Brianna Boteler

School lunches are in for a change – again.

According to Yahoo! News, The Agriculture Department has included more meat and grains into the school lunches due to the criticism of new federal guidelines for school lunches.

Tom Vilsack, Agriculture secretary, told members of Congress that the department is going to be getting rid of the daily and weekly limits of meats and grains. The new guidelines are aimed at the jump in childhood obesity. Limits are being set on calorie intakes as well as salt, in order to bring in more grains.

Robert Weber, associate for Chartwells, which provides lunch to all Branford schools, explained that the new guidelines are taking away limitations and “bringing bigger wraps and rolls back into the school lunches.” He informs us that we will be “seeing changes in the food being served throughout the day.”

Weber has tested one new item, the pop chip, and kids say they “love it.”