Horizons Kids Helping Out Needy Family

Students in the school’s Horizons Program helped a needy family in the town by raising money and buying Christmas presents. Photo credit: Matt Kilfeather.

By Matt Kilfeather

At Branford High School, many students are taking action to help people who are having trouble around the holidays. This past week the students in Branford High School’s Horizon program held a fundraiser for a deserving family chosen through the Branford Counseling Center.

The fundraiser was run by Jen Miller, who has been participating in this fundraiser for about 8 years “I think it’s a nice way for Horizons kids to give back to the community” she said.

The students in Horizons sold grilled cheeses to the teachers for $5 a  meal which included 1 soda, 1 bag of chips, and 2 grilled cheeses. Grilled cheeses were also sold separately for a dollar. This year around $150 was raised to help a family that is in great need this holiday season.

The lunches were made and delivered by the students to the teachers during 1st and 2nd lunch. Hannah Snow said “It was a good event, and i’m glad we got to help fundraise a family in need during the holiday season.”

“In PM Horizons the teacher and the students take pride in the many traditions over the years. The grilled cheese fundraiser has became a great tradition that benefits the school community” explained Rich Biondi, the Horizons History Teacher.

The money that was raised is going toward a two year old boy, whose family compiled a list of things he wanted which included a snowsuit and a tricycle.

Mrs. Miller and some students are going to Wal-Mart to buy and wrap the gifts which will be  brought to the counseling center to be delivered to the family.

Horizons English teacher Chuck Reale said “ We always like to see our students involved with helping other people, this is just another event where our part of the school community is able to get out for the common good.

“I think it was a good experience and i’m glad that it will help a family,” said Jharne Laird, a student, “I don’t like that they choose one family out of the others. When we do this in the future we should have more families.”