What’s the future of Pep Rallies?


Branford Cheerleaders, at the fall pep rally back in October, show off their moves in the middle of the student commons. Photo by Branford Buzz

By Matt Kilfeather

Branford High school has a tradition of holding pep rallies throughout the year at intervals of fall, winter, and spring. This Friday, the next pep rally will be held here at Branford High School. Little do we know that the future of our pep rallies is at hand.

Some students claimed that previous pep rallies were more spirited in previous years because administrators gave more leeway to students.  One student, Sydney Lane,  said “I don’t think the administrators should be so strict about what we do for the pep rally because then it would be less boring.”

School Principal, Lee Panagoulias, said “Our last pep rally showed a lot of spirit, I thought the teams and captains did a good job. They [pep rallies] are a great chance to celebrate the hard work of players and the sportsmanship of the fans.”

A major difference in pep rallies from over the years is the time change. In preceding pep rallies, they used to occur during the eighth, and last, period of the day. Now they occur during second period. Administrators claimed that this would be good idea and students would anticipate attendance at pep rallies during the day rather than wanting to go home at the end of the day. Mr. Panagoulias  feels it is the best choice for the students and continues on to say “I think the best time to have them is within the day.”

Student Karlie Komoroski said “I think it would be good during any period but I think that they should be longer than they are.. I feel like the kids in our school have no spirit and we need to be more spirited and then the pep rallies will get better.”

Freshman Giuliana Piscitelli said “I like the pep rallies, but that might be just because I’ve never been to the school before to see what the pep rallies used to be like in the past.”

Some students weren’t sure if they were allowed on the balcony during the pep rallies. Additionally, according to administration, the only time students aren’t allowed on the balcony is when there are assemblies.

According to the students, pep rallies can be fun and exciting, but they think that pep rallies could be better with a few minor changes. The students, being the main contributors to the pep rallies, hold the destiny of these events in their hands. It is up to the enthusiasm and planning of the students to make the pep rallies more involving and exciting than ever before.