Spirit Week Ready to Kick Off

Spirit Week is set to start December 17th and run through the 21st.

by Hunter Carden

Spirit Week is an annual tradition we have at Branford High. But do people know about it?

When asking freshman Kenya Claude what she thought about Spirit Week she said, “I don’t know what Spirit Week is. I’ve heard about it but not from the High School.”

Kenya was backed up by this statement when sophomore Megan Shea said, “If we do [Spirit Week] this year it should be better then last year’s. I don’t remember it so much because it wasn’t that memorable.”

None however, knew when Spirit Week would occur, but when informed that it will take place  from December 17th through the 21st, all were excited. In past years, Spirit Week usually took place leading up to homecoming before Thanksgiving.

But not everyone is in agreement that we should have a Spirit Week.

“[Spirit Week] is when everyone comes together to show school spirit.” said Gabby Melgar, senior at Branford High School, ” and right now Branford is lacking [school spirit].”

Last year Branford High School kicked off their annual Spirit Week by having all students wearing the school colors, black, red, and white. They had a flash mob and different outfit assignments over three days.

“I want to keep it a surprise,” said Pompeo Mazzella, senior in charge of Spirit Week, “but I will tell you that we will have a class color day, songs on as the bell, and competitions.  It is like last year’s but so much better!”

According the the Student Council, the following schedule will be used for dress up days during Spirit Week:

Monday: Branford apparel and colors

Tuesday: Techno Rave/Neon Day

Wednesday: Ugly Sweater Day

Thursday: Hawaiian Day

Friday: Class color day. Freshmen wear white; sophomores wear green; juniors wear blue; seniors wear red; and faculty wears purple.