Rules Involving Lippolis Protest

A protest organized to show support for a BHS teacher fired last month is planned for Monday.

By Marisa Kaplita Editor-In-Chief

Many BHS students have been invited to a peaceful protest via Facebook from BHS alumni Ryan Cosgrove, Victoria Verderame and Shane Emery.  All the details about the protest can be found on the Facebook event: Protest for Carolyn Lippolis.  It is planned for Monday December 17 from 12 p.m. to about 4 to 5 p.m.

So far on the event page, over 200 people have confirmed to be going, but the number of people who actually attend may differ.

The protest is in reaction to the firing of teacher Carolyn Lippolis after a yearlong investigation following a complaint filed by three students because of an incident involving a knife.  To read the full report of the school district’s investigation into Ms. Lippolis, you can go to

Students who will be in school at the time of the protest should note that all attendance rules will apply like any other day.  Mr. Panagoulias said “any student leaving would be subject to the school’s normal attendance policy.”  So any students planning on leaving the school would need to have an excused absence during that time period called in by a parent or guardian.  And students who have open periods are also subject to normal policies involving staying on school grounds during school hours.  So even if you have an open you must be called out for that period because the protest will not be on school grounds.

“Leaving school grounds without permission can result in assigned ISS and possible suspension of parking privileges,” according to The Guide.

Also refer to THE GUIDE can be found here for any other questions about school policies.

There is no school rule against being involved in a PEACEFUL protest off school grounds, just make sure you make the necessary arrangements before walking off campus.  Everyone should not use this protest as an excuse to disrupt class time but as a way to support a former teacher.  Everyone should be respectful of any opinions.

“We want to ensure we have a smooth functioning school day as usual,” added Mr. Panagoulias.