Be Someone Else’s Santa Claus–Donate A Dollar


by Kelly Du

Christmas is less than two weeks away, and Student Council is making sure that one family this year will be getting presents. For this holiday season, they have decided to sponsor a family with an 8 year old boy who is asking for socks, and a 12 year old girl, who is asking for a winter jacket.

The goal is to get the entire student body to raise money to support the family in giving presents and any other necessities for the winter season. During lunch time, Student Council members will be walking around with a box for students to donate any money or extra change for the cause. With the donated money, they’ll take a shopping trip to Walmart to buy the presents and a few other inexpensive, simple gifts. Co-President Pompeo Mazzella noted that they’ll be “going above and beyond what the family is asking for.” Other members from Student Council will be donating any of their unused toys as well.

Unfortunately, low school spirit is causing an issue.

“It only costs about $200 to $300 to support a family, and we would love to help out more, but the student body is not taking the initiative and cooperating or accepting the Student Council,” added Mazzella.

If every student in the school donated just one dollar, over $1000 could be raised! So why not lend a helping hand this Christmas and donate any money you have to support the family in need during lunch.