The Mystery of the Bells

By Editor-In-Chief Marisa Kaplita

Recently the school has been disrupted by an unlikely turn of events; the bells have not been working. And students are wondering what is happening to our school?

When asked about the bells Mr. Briganti said,” It just stopped working; it could be that the storm had an effect on a surge protector at the school. Or, another theory is that sometime last week when we lost power it affected it. Also, we updated our servers for the cameras so that might have something to do with the bells as well.”

And while I myself wouldn’t rule out paranormal activity at BHS, it seems that there are multiple explanations for the mysterious dysfunction in the school’s wiring.

However, the school’s custodial staff has been working to correct the situation since last Friday. But unfortunately there is still no estimate as to when the bells will return to normal. This is due to the limited amount of time the workers have to deal with them each day.

All in all, the students at BHS have been especially accommodating this week. “I want the students to know how pleased I am with their patience,” said Mr. Briganti,” They have been great through the whole process.”

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