Still Developing: The John McColl Story

Mugshot of John McColl, courtesy of John McColl.

By Drew Linehan

John Rome McColl is the photography teacher at Branford High School; he is loved by students and renowned for his unique teaching techniques. McColl had a long arduous journey before ending up at Branford High School though.

John McColl grew up in a small town in Connecticut called Branford, where he attended Branford High School for three years and Hamden High School for two years, and achieved average to mediocre grades in school.

In High School McColl played soccer and hockey, “I really like hockey,” said McColl, “It’s what’s kept me in such top physical condition all these years.” McColl continued to play hockey into college at Colgate University and can be seen attending every single Branford High School hockey game with a look of discontented nostalgia in his eyes.

“I attended Colgate University which is a private liberal arts school,” said McColl, “Although on leaving I wasn’t left with a minty taste in my mouth.” He laughed about this joke for some time.

After school McColl left to go live in New York to try and start a business, a bold move which few have tried before. He started a graphic design company but after poor sales and several electrical fires he decided to end it. “I was disillusioned,” said McColl, “The next time my dreams were crushed my son Rome was born.”

“I came to Branford because it was the first place I could get a job,” said McColl, laughing. “And by that I mean it’s a fantastic school, filled with wonderful rosy cheeked students eager to learn and an unparalleled faculty.”

McColl’s obsession with photography started when he was very young, his grandfather was a photography buff and had all the equipment. “I used to borrow my grandfather’s photography equipment,” said McColl, “he had a makeshift dark room in his basement, and we spent a lot of time down there together.”

McColl still draws and paints and owns an Art Studio where he holds art shows. “I thought I would have stopped drawing by the time I was like twelve,” said McColl, “but here we are.”

John McColl looks as though he has a bright future ahead of him and has already had an impact on Branford High School that will last an eternity. People will speak legends of John McColl, but just know that you heard it here first.