BHS Community Still Recovering from Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

Many of those in the Branford High School community are still recovering from the effects of Hurricane Sandy, which knocked down trees and flooded Branford streets. Credit: Branford Patch

By BranfordBuzz staff

Students and families of the Branford High School community are struggling to recover from Hurricane Sandy, and time is running out as the next threatening storm approaches.

Many homes and businesses lost power during the hurricane, including Big Y, and Caron’s Corner. Due to prolonged outages, freezers and refrigerators were not able to keep cool, causing many products to be thrown away. Kaylee¬†Mahon, and employee at Caron’s said: “Having to throw away all of the dairy, meat, and produce products was a big financial burden at the store.”

Short Beach and and Stony Creek experienced flooding not only in roads but in homes as well. At one point water levels had reportedly covered the beaches and came into some homes. BHS senior Calla Cameron said:”The storm flooded my grandma’s house and turned all of the floors and furniture.”

The high winds of the storm affected many athletic events, pushing back SCC tournaments a full week, and forced the rescheduling of the varsity football game vs Fairfield Prep to November 15th. A longtime sign displaying the field hockey team motto was blown away and destroyed as well. “I’m so upset about our quote board,” said junior Jenny Royka, “Its our guideline of the year. Its been a field hockey tradition for years to write on it.”

If Sandy’s aftermath was not enough for BHS students, forecasts show that a snowstorm is set to arrive on the 7th, and may bring more high winds, rain, and up to three inches of snow in some areas.