Tips for Applying to College


Display of college penants in the BHS Career Center
Photo by James Integlia.

By Kelsey Austin

Times have changed. Just a few years ago Common App included a simple form consisting of some fairly straightforward questions. “Personally, I think the common application is a very helpful tool for high schoolers, it really helps to guide them in the right direction,” said Mr. White, one of the guidance counselors at Branford High School.

An incredibly helpful site along with common application is College View, you can find valuable college application tips that will help you understand the current college admission process.

An important part of applying is finding the right college for you. “You want to be able to feel comfortable with your surroundings and make sure that the college you pick has the correct courses you want to take,” said Mr. White “You really have to consider your interests, strengths, and even extra-curricular activities to help you decide.”

Some schools you might want to apply to do not necessarily require you to fill out a common application for college admission. On the common app website there is a list of schools that use common app.

What about college planning, searching for your majors, or the careers you plan on going into? Well My Majors can really help. This website is all about helping you and your future.

There are also magazines all about applying to colleges located in the guidance office right by Mr. White’s room. Another helpful tool is to actually talk to your guidance counselors, they can be a great help to deciding which college is right for you.