Court Case Means No Bells, Some Confusion

The Appellate Court Hearings at BHS caused some disruptions for students in school Thursday. Photo credit Wikipedia.

By Matthew Kilfeather and Brittany Butler

Due to the State Appellate Court  hearings going on in Branford High School there were no bells from period one to four and some hallways were closed to students. This caused confusion for students and teachers.

Carlee DeFilice said “it’s not a bad thing; it’s just kind of sucky because it’s annoying to have to keep looking at your phone to check the time.”

Other students might like not having bells. Robert Kuehne said “not having bells makes me more aware of knowing the time; it prepares us because there are no bells in college.”

Teachers all have different opinions about not having a bell. “I’m really nervous that kids won’t show up to class” said Math teacher Gary Gravina.

Science teacher Vicki Climie thinks differently. “I think that we should have no bells all the time because it would make you more responsible and keeping track of time and your schedule,” she said.

The security changes were necessary in order for the court case to proceed and several state Marshals came to Branford last week to advise students about how the court was going to be run.

In addition to not having bells, several security changes had to be made to the school. The lobby was locked and secure by state marshals. Everyone entering the auditorium was screened, no cell phones were allowed in the auditorium or it would be confiscated by state Marshals. The D wing and C wing entrances were closed. Students had to find another route to get to class due to this.

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