Legendary Jazz Group to visit BHS

Tower of Power horn-section members coming to Branford High School for an interactive clinic.

By Drew Linehan

Renowned funk/jazz group Tower of Power will be visiting the Branford High School Educational Clinic this Saturday, October 13th┬áto work with Branford High School’s music department.

“Tower of Power is a pretty nifty group,” said Pat Laske, one of the guitarists for Branford High School Jazz Band, “A lot of my playing has been influenced by their unique style and approach to Jazz and Funk.”

Tower of Power are a funk and jazz band from Oakland California known for releasing hits like “You’re Still a Young Man”, and “So Very Hard to Go”. They released their first album “East Bay Grease” in 1970 and released their live fortieth anniversary album last year.

“They’re one of the greatest soul and funk bands of all time,” says Ted Samodel, band director for Branford High School, “The five members of the world famous horn section and their ever popular drummer will be on site for an exciting and rare educational work shop.”

The members of Tower of Power visiting the school include trumpeters Adolfo Acosta and Sal Carrachiolo, saxophonists Doc Kupka and Tom Politzer, founder Emilio Castillo and drummer David Garbaldi.

“It should be cool,” said Ashvin Pradhan-Shenoy, first-cellist of the Branford High Orchestra, “we don’t get a lot of musicians as awesome as Tower of Power visiting.”

The two clinics to be held is the Drum Clinic with drummer David Garbaldi at 11am and the 12 noon Horn Section clinic with the five members of Tower of Power’s horn section

“Tower of Power is one of my favorite groups,” said Vinny Grillo, one of the guitarists for Branford High School Jazz Band, “I’m really excited for their visit!”

The visit will be co-sponsored by Music & Arts and Yamaha, with Music & Arts supplying the instrumental display. It will be opened to the public from 11.00am to 1.00pm and donations of $10 are encouraged.