The Dark of the Moon

by Nina Mariotti


This year, Branford High School’s annual fall play will be a production of “The Dark of the Moon.” No, it’s not a play version of the Transformers movie that is also called “The Dark of the Moon.” It’s actually a story of forbidden love and magic. The play first debuted on Broadway in 1945 and made its way to the BHS stage many years ago. Ms. Ogren, the director both then and now, has very fond memories of the first time she put on the play and is looking forward to directing it again.

The play is set in the Appalachian Mountains and revolves around the lives of the witches and humans that live there. There, a boy fell in love with a human girl, something that is not allowed. Since the townspeople are terrified of the witches, the boy must try to become a human to be with the girl he loves. Despite some funny scenes, the play is a tragedy.

The play will open sometime in early December, though the exact date has yet to be decided. “The kids are great this year,” says Ms. Ogren. “They’re already getting into their parts!” With the crazy costumes and makeup, special effects, and dramatic acting, the play is sure to be a must see.